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    Hola Mates!
    It has been a while since I played. I fired up the game today and I am having all types of problems driving. I can't seem to get the camera behind the vehicle. It is very difficult to turn, maneuver, drive etc.
    Is it my mouse? What am I doing wrong? I'm just having a real difficult time getting the driving, steering, getting the camera to align up, distance to and from the vehicle wanders frequently etc.
    Is there any tips for me?

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    For camera control while in the game,
    1. Click and Hold your right mouse button (while your cursor should not be pointing on any nearby techs).
    2. then move it to the right (this makes it to rotate towards the 'left'.) or move it to the left (vice versa). Or just move anyway you like. Or just move your tech forward, the camera will automatically switch to the back of your vehicle.

    I hope you get what I mean here. You really should play around with the camera to really get how to use it. :)

    Basic vehicle building tips here. It might be a little bit old but still relevant. Hope this post can help you.

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    I found it took a while to get used to holding right click to point the camera where *I* wanted it, but...
    That sounds weird: the camera should automatically slide back behind your direction of travel, like it's on a helium balloon strung to your current tech.

    If it's not doing that, then: Have you focused an enemy for targeting (with middle mouse button).

    Or... well, I can't think of anything else. Setting "camera spring" to minimum (in settings) doesn't actually disable it. And even building the tech backwards (by re-orienting the primary cab) shouldn't do anything either.

    I've moved this thread from "Open" to "Community Help" for now. If you post a video of weird behaviour that looks wrong, or give more details, I might move to "bugs".

    Good luck.:)


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