Control over your weapons


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Apr 17, 2020
I found the addition of a block that lets you enable/disable your magnets (instead of simply having a bey-bound toggle already built in) a little disappointing-

But what I think I find more disappointing is that you can't be selective about which weapons you want to fire.
There's a weapon for every scenario, but you're forced to use every weapon you have on your tech whenever you fire.

My suggestion would be to have 4 different buttons to split up melee / ranged / long ranged / missiles.
Of course, you could still use space to fire them all at once for maximum damage, but it would be nice to have a little more control.

In addition to this, I feel that restricting key binds to one key per action a bit useless..
I feel like this mechanic was implemented for the sake of it, but it's a hinderance. You could use this to bind different weapon categories together, for instance, having long range and missiles bound to the same key.

I just feel it would take very little effort to make a word of different by makign your tech, and how you want to operate it, more dynamic.

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
I agree that it’d be nice to separate the weapons you use for various scenarios. And while mods satisfy this, there is an appeal to just having certain features in vanilla. The appeal is primarily that the features have a more seamless implementation, and that there is no need to think about getting a mod and keeping it updated.

I personally would like to be able to make a land sweeper that can defend itself. Particularly, I’d like to sweep without firing a billion defensive rockets.

I suppose multi-techs could be a viable alternative. Haven’t done those before, though.