control cab idea: construction cabs.

Jun 16, 2020
No images but here is a run down of the idea.

Air construction control: ACC
info a 2 wide, 2 long, one tall control cab that when not attached to something turns into a quad copter. Similar to the BF cabs turning into a hover. This cab is armed with no weapons (Likely GC in faction) and has teh following unique traits.

1. build drone while in build mode this will deploy as a drone, acting as a mobile camera for you instead of moving around your main build you will move around this drone, it acts more like an Anti grave build then a helicopter.

2. While on its own, this cab has a small vector battery and healing device on it. allowing it to be used as a repair drone in build mode or by just deploying one by its self.

AI Air construction Control: AACC
info: same size and general shape as the player one, its unqiue feature is its AI package.

unique AI features.

1. redundent AACC's will be used, with the main cab deploying them by "launching" them from a docking bay the AI one has but the player doesn't these reduntant ones will heal nearby techs and return to recharge.

2. will focus healling over fighting, will try to get allied techs in range of heal bubbles and chargers if possible.

3. avoids combat, if being fired at will run away.

Along with the quad rotor one which will likely be venture or GC would come a hover version from BF.

better future phasing construction drone.
info: a 2wide 2 long 2 tall control cab, that when you go into build mode acts like the above one, unlike the above one this one can phase through blocks as if they don't exist meaning you can place it in the center of a build and not on top. Makes building interior a breeze. Unlike the ACC this one doesn't have healing or battery built in, instead having its phasing module.