Control blocks and hotbar


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Nov 25, 2017
First hotbar:

5-10 slots that can be assigned in menu, taking in stance "empty", "control-1", "control-2",... "control-n"

of control:

1x1 block that got AP on all sides, but only one direction

-"button" (do while pressed)
-"toggle" (hold state till another press)

These blocks could be identified with colors (I'd suggest it being circle for button with arrow pointing direction, and for toggle entire square with arrow pointing for direction, these markings being on 4 side out of 6). Have these sold on same price and durability as basic GSO block (infinite amount), bearing different colors (same as that can be assigned to hotbar)

To properly manage em, I'd suggest changing "all" to lists of "unassigned (same button as current all) and "control type+color" (hotbar item), as in current form all weapons register to same button, these could default in new system to "unassigned weapons" unless there is control block attached which changes em form unassigned to that control blocks list, same for boosts and flytech.
by mechanic:

When assigned to block that has on and off state (by having control direction pointing to said device when block is directly attached to said device) these buttons can control em separated from "use all" buttons
Vehicle would be medium sized tech with wing on either side, to both is attached one rotor pointing forward, on top is 3 rotors to lift tech upwards, on sides there is cruise missiles and number of other weapons and on behind there is 4x boosters.

Lets assume that colors for this example are "Blue button" on slot 1, "Red button" on slot 2 "Black toggle" on slot 3 and "Yellow toggle" slot 4. Attachments are as follow: 4x"Blue button" on 4 hawkeye cruise missiles, 3x"Red button" on 3x large hawkeye rotors pointing upwards, 2x "Black toggle" attached to 2 front pointing rotors on both sides of tech and 4x"Yellow toggle" is attached to 4 boosters behind the tech.

Now when I'd want lift off, i'd hold keyboard button 2 to altitude I wish to reach, then would tap 3 and fly away, and tap 3 again when wish to turn rotors off, maybe gently tapping 2 to land smoothly. On land should I want rush speed, I'd tap 4 to activate boosters. Should I meet enemies I'd tap 1 to launch missiles.
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