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Jan 7, 2016
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This is a separate thread from Control Blocks.
Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of changes in how pistons and swivels will work:
  • Blocks on a blockmover are no longer individually moved; They are re-parented under a "Cluster body"
    • Cluster bodies are generated as needed, and attached to the blockmover's direct parent through a ConfigurableJoint
      • The joint's anchor is manipulated to push, pull and rotate the cluster body through physics. No more odd turning and shifting
      • Things such as friction and equal/opposite forces affect all bodies properly
      • To prevent bodies from freaking out or appearing softly connected, projection is used to keep it exactly where it should be
      • Joints can become unlocked, allowing for free-moving bodies (physics) as well as Springs / Suspension
        • Cluster-techs™
  • Swivels and Pistons use the same class now, instead of derived types of a base
  • The configurations for pistons and swivels has been replaced with a Process List
    • A series of "If Condition, Do Operation"
      • If Spacebar is pressed, set Position to 1
        If Spacebar is released, set Position to 0
        If RightArrow is held, shift Position by 0.1
        If LeftArrow is held, shift Position by -0.1
        (Example format may not reflect final result)
    • Expandable functionality of individual blocks
    • Copy-paste process lists to other blocks
    • Presets button will be available to load the old configurations identical to before the overhaul please don't hurt me
  • Added Rafs's HE dual sided swivel motor
  • Adding VEN piston, final design undecided
  • Adding BF extendable rail piston

This took a lot more work than I thought it would, trying to find the right solution to a lot of problems. That with Unity API not documenting enough of what I needed out of their physics integration, I'm really grateful that I am finally almost there. Will update with media when the time comes, as well as more details on the Process List.
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The overhaul update is not out yet
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