Console Competitions


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Apr 13, 2020
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Hello, as some people from the TerraTech discord might know I am an avid Nintendo switch player. It’s not the biggest version of the game but I still thoroughly enjoy it. One thing that has made me a bit sad though is not being able to compete in all these fun community competitions. That is why I’m proposing a (smaller) console competition.
Now I’m still trying to work out logistics because it’s a bit different from the usual situation. The devs wouldn’t be able to use people’s techs in a comcore type event because snapshots aren’t a thing you can share.
My current idea is to have a “Beauty Peagent” of sorts. People would make an impressive or cool looking tech and take a picture of it to submit. This wouldn’t be the normal competitive scene but I think it’s a good idea to get more console players involved in the community.
As far as consoles go there could be unfair advantages for certain consoles, for example switch has the smallest build limit so their build will naturally be smaller. There could be different divisions such as a Switch Division, Xbox Division, and PS Division

Also I understand if this is not something that can be set up any time soon, especially in light of the current tank challenge, this is just my way of trying to get more of our members involved

Prizes for this aren’t required as well because of the complexity that would bring.