(Console) Block allowance.

Should console have an update about block allowance?

  • yes, but don't remove it fully

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VisuaLz Raven

New Member
Sep 12, 2020
I'm aware that console has its block allowance for lag prevention but I've been looking around and alot of people do not experience as much lag as you think. I've also found that many console players are having a hard time setting up a base while also having a tech that allows us to handle some of the bigger missions. This also includes me. Im finding it very difficult to have a base that can defend itself and have a tech that can handle hard missions due to block allowance. Im not asking for it to be removed cause its there for a reason but I would like to see it raised above 5000. Or perhaps in the options tab allow a player to set it themselves but not above 10000. And have a recommended amount?