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  1. brkn8r

    brkn8r Member

    New to the game and I havent found answers online..is there a way to increase the block allowance? I'm running in to block limits trying to build a base and have a vehicle that can survive some of the missions at the same time.
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  2. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum Administrator

    The block allowance increases as you level up.
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  3. brkn8r

    brkn8r Member

    Ok, thanks. I just unlocked venture and didnt notice an increase. Is there any further information in the wiki that you're aware of? Just curious how much it increases per level.
  4. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    To clarify, the block allowance applies to consoles only - XBox One and PS4 (when released on Tuesday). Not PC. It's aimed as preserving game performance.

    My expectation is that it's only keyed off GSO licence level, because this is already the main factor used in determining the max value of enemies randomly spawning.

    There may well be potential to get the devs to up these limits slightly, in some stages, if there's enough feedback from players finding it very problematic.

    Unfortunately most of us here are PC players (naturally), including current Wiki editors, like @AstraTheDragon. So any hard numbers on the block allowances (and other console only features) would be appreciated!;):)
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  5. brkn8r

    brkn8r Member

    Thanks for the info, ya'll are awesome. Im on xbox so I guess the limit makes sense.
  6. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Cool. I've added "[Console]" to the thread title, for now, as I'm seeing other XBox specific issues being posted.
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  7. Heketea

    Heketea Well-Known Member

    This is a great topic.
    Playing this weekend following release on XBOX, the BA is making creativity a difficult thing.
    A player has to choose between a base with 1 or 2 small techs, or 1 larger tech. I am 5,4,3,3 on faction levels with only 4,610 BA. I am basically on one 3wide by 6 long tech, with the minimum needed to survive and progress and find I am running at 3,700/4,610 BA. Any harvesting seems to consume BA as well, so I have to manage how much I collect, which makes things go even slower.

    I will have to start a new campaign to see how much BA you start with, but each level up seems to give at most 200 BA increases.

    I get the console limitations argument. It is very apparent in game. My son as a vanilla XBONE and I have the X, his frames drop sharply in a decent battle, where mine doesn't even flinch at a prolonged multiple enemy confrontation with 'boss' techs twice my size.

    A more detailed explanation of BA from the DEVS would be nice...maybe????
  8. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Oh, darn! So resource chunks count against the 'block allowance' too?! [Edit: @peterb39 and the devs just told me they don't, on stream.] Blimey, that's very limiting. Obviously would make sense as they reduce FPS too, but that'll make Lotsa Silo arrays almost literally impossible, and require an obsessive level of tidiness with loose resources/block debris... (I think that is de-spawned more forcefully than on PC.)

    @Jamie and/or @Matt - not sure if this is a community communication issue, or more of a game interface tool-tip kinda thing (probably both).
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  9. Matt


    I'll try and do one better and get an actual dev to answer this tomorrow.
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  10. Heketea

    Heketea Well-Known Member

    I ended up building a mobile refinery/cannon harvester. You can watch the BA number change as resources enter the refinery (-1) and then as it exits the refinery (+1).
    It has been an issue when I win a battle with lots of blocks on the ground while I have full collectors of resources. I cannot place a blackhole due to BA limits to collect the lootz, and I also cannot attach the items to my tech for the same reason. I drop a collector and the resource load, the BA drops like a rock.
    On that note, the magnets are also impacting the BA count the same way, hence getting rid of the magnets and using BH collection to get stuff into the inventory.
    I also built a base in the same manner, with an auto-miner you can also see the BA count changing.

    I will say, I did not see if this happens on my sons system, will look tonight.

    Is the same thing observed on PS4?
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  11. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Ahh, so I maybe should have asked about *held* (rather than "loose") resources, affecting the block allowance.

    Cool, yeah, resource chunks are re-instantiated as they exit crafting blocks, which can cause a problem on the first crafting 'tick' they are released: if the system tries to move them too far in that time (e.g. direct to the top of a Silo stack), they can be dropped by the tractor beam, as they have full physics for that time.

    Heh, sounds like the system need a little refinement...:confused:
  12. Heketea

    Heketea Well-Known Member

  13. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    I've made a bugs thread, here, using your information provided on both threads. I invite console players to add more specific info about issues with the allow on that thread.:)
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  14. Zed

    Zed Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this reply; it meshes well with a comment made regarding having different BA Values for each of the 4 variants of console upon which Terratech is presently available.

    Regarding Bases and BA I've made an attempt at a fully functional (just ask for the block, the base will manage the (sub)components required) focusing on minimizing its BA but do not have either an XB1 nor PS4 with which to test it.

    As such the base will be included here as a .png and embedded as a grabbit which should permit easy visual duplication. if copying visually please ensure the 4 fabricators are (re)attached *last* to the tech for proper functionality (TT crafting vs build mode uses a "LIFO" system)

    I will also include the tech via steam workshop in case that is helpful to console edition / the 1.0 creative save within which it was built.

    Upon loading / copying it would be appreciated if its BA were included in a reply to this response within this thread.



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  15. Heketea

    Heketea Well-Known Member

    I will build this later and report back the BA cost, unless someone beats me to it.
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