Comprehensive Terra-Tech Analysis

Logan Rhodes

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Mar 16, 2017
Read the ENTIRE post before responding.

Okay, So let me start off with saying- Yes this is a suggestion post, Yes I am about to dish out some much needed constructive criticism. If you have an issue with anything I say, I'd suggest keeping it to yourself as I will not be reading your flame response.

Anywho; moving on.

First things first, this game has some seriously bad issues. (yes I know it's current state is under development)

Combat system is lacking, as i've been told this is a build oriented game... but you shouldn't set up your game so your players randomly get attacked every few minutes (sometimes repeatedly) if this is build oriented.

AI Overhaul needed Yes I understand this is planned by the developers, but the enemy robots tend to just run up underneath of your bot or circle around endlessly missing you as you miss them, no matter your build. I will post proof if needed (mainly when using GeoCorp) not to mention the AI companions tend to be about as useful as a lead kite.

Shields: Okay so this one REALLY gets under my skin. These 'bubble' shields/regens, im just going to call them shields for the duration- tend to jut out from your bot and heal the enemies that run up underneath of you or get to close, as I understand this can be a tactical disadvantage and push you to build a different bot- you can refer to my suggestions for much much much better way to make this mechanic work and make it much more appealing and less frame rate demanding when it comes to base builds etc.

Build system: Okay so this clunky build system... I really don't even wanna talk about it at this point. Why cannot I not save blueprints of my techs? you're tellin me we can fly to various planets across the galaxy and launch materials into space using a cannon. But my guy cannot write a blueprint?
I'd really rather not have 20 mechs sitting at my base. (i don't i broke them all)

Harvesting: Picker/collector tools tend to not react properly at all sometimes and then sometimes they work fine, what's mainly annoying is how it will attempt to redirect the ore around my bot- but in doing so it gets the ore stuck on my bot and I have to drive in circles to get the ore off my bot and RE-attempt to get it to collect or manually pick up 50 different chunks of ore and place it on the picker. Not to mention if you use the "Build" menu to get it unstuck. the ore that is stuck to the bot flies off into the great beyond never to be seen again.

******* wheels: Okay, so the big boy wheels are the best for carrying right? Well they don't carry much at all without becoming overloaded... I'd rather be able to adjust the tension on the suspension of my wheels and make it carry more weight considering if I don't I have to add an absurd amount of wheels to my techs to get them to move properly. this also scales down to other techs as well, and what's with the low wheel clearance? am I the only one noticing that?

"You could just elevate your tech higher by adding a frame to lower the wheels."

This is true but then your picker sucks the ore up under your tech and... refer back to harvesting....


Okay now that some of my frustrations and complaints which I hope will help advance this game a bit more are out of the way. I'd like to make some more suggestions like last time.

1. Shields: Adding in some sort of 'node' that allows you to build a custom fitting shield to your bot and rather than making the orb around your bot glow it just makes the blocks that it is effectively healing or defending glowing accordingly. this would remove the animation and thus improve framerate on bigger bots, and around your bases. (my frame rate drops every time I approach my refinery/crafting area thanks to the massive number of shields it takes to cover everything.)

Don't make the typical comment of: "Get a better computer" because trust me, that ain't the issue.

2.Harvesting: A retractable drill would be amazing.

3.Future AI plans: Being able to create patrol bots and set them on particular routes through, or around your facilities would be an amazing benefit to the overall enjoy-ability of this game.

4.Being able to remotely switch techs, or recall lost techs to a 'beacon' would be nice. (I have three or four AI techs that have just vanished.

5. Being able to find broken down techs, and use your repair shield/remote recharge to help them for an EXP/CASH reward, these could be random radiant missions that you do not have to go to a trade station for, exp allocated based on the techs type; GeoCorp, Venture, etc.

6. VERY IMPORTANT: A way to be able to better optimize the game, I bought this game and loved it at first but the bigger my tech gets (which seems to be necessary as I progress) the more guns I need, the more tracer and bloom effects their are- what i'm getting at is there needs to be more optimization choices, as a hobbyist I know this isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to add in. But every developer in the entire world knows that this is vital to the play-ability of a game.


Thank you for your time.

Ps. I cannot suggest this game to literally anyone until it becomes... well... better honestly. Mainly needs to have better optimization and AI etc.

Otherwise it's a great game.

EDIT: Also the terrain of the map sorely needs adjusted... or a terraforming tool of some sort to change the shape of the terrain mesh.

Nightblade Greyswandir

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Feb 3, 2017
Ok... so first you have to start with "It's a great game".

Your issues...
It is reported few times that enemy tech spawn too close to bases, I think that developers are aware of this, but it is not bad to repeat this in bugs subforum if it happened to you too often.

AI... as you said, it is planned... I do not know details so I will comment when they do it.

Shields, yes, sometimes it is annoying but sometimes it is useful, especially if you like to save a block or two by healing it before it explode. If that give you problems, use ventura repair bubble on front side to optimize shape better.

Build system, there is a talking on forum that soon they will introduce in game self-build factory for tech, that will use blocks from SCU to build and will buy only what is missing in your storage, then tech that you save (save tech is done by photo-camera icon in bottom left corner, and you can buy them back in to game by placing and right clicking on payload terminals)

Harvestering... jup it is frustrating sometimes, best advice: report this as bug. if you can make a video, it is best way to explain what was wrong.

Wheels... i agree...

Your suggestions:

Shields... not bad idea, somebody already suggested this, relatively recently... you can find conversation if you want.
NOTE, physic make most of lag, not graphics effects. But we will se if it will be better after next update.

Harvesting, how you would use retractable drill?

AI, patrols are already suggested, issue is that right now there is no AI expert in TT development team who can make all our wishes come true. I hope that they will find one soon.

Good idea about calling up tech to position! And finding demaged tech boots.

It is long way to go to final versiion1, so I also hope that more options for increasing game speed will be available.

BTW I did same long suggestion post when I started here, but it is better to have one suggestion per thread, and one bug per thread, and you can post long stories like this in Open subforum with links to all threads with suggestions and bugs you reported. (This is not bad idea for me also... as soon as I get out of detention)

Logan Rhodes

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Mar 16, 2017
"Comprehensive Terra Tech Analysis" - you don't name a post that and only put one suggestion and one bug.
I'm not going to make 50 posts for what I could have in a single post.

If anybody cares they'll read it.
And lose the 'better than you' attitude mate nobody like that style.


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Feb 10, 2015
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"Comprehensive Terra Tech Analysis" - you don't name a post that and only put one suggestion and one bug.
I'm not going to make 50 posts for what I could have in a single post.

If anybody cares they'll read it.
And lose the 'better than you' attitude mate nobody like that style.
I think he meant it as a constructive thing for you to note for later rather than a criticism of your post. The devs have asked we do it that way to help them and it will also help to get your points across clearly to the developers.

Now please stay on topic for this thread and do not get distracted so we can stay constructive :).