Component Factory queue of 1 component fabrication per tier


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Nov 1, 2019

One way to reduce a lot of the lag associated with crafting is to allow component factories to queue one item from each tier they can craft. That way, instead of needing 4+ component factories to fabricate blocks, you only need one component factory with all the dongles attached. The way it would work would be: you order a block in the fabricator, it orders the blocks needed in the silos first then refineries then component factories, the component factories queues the component needed, then first asks the silos if they have the components needed to make it, then requests the component from itself, then after receiving them it requests the raw and processed resources from silos and then from refineries. This would be limited at the number of tiers. That way, since loops don't work anymore for requesting resources from outside of the loop, you can avoid a lot of the lag while also making the builds much smaller and simpler.

This would likely require the component factories to be able to store items separately for each tier, to avoid a never-ending loop of eating resources and re-making the same thing over and over again without outputting anything.

Or, at least, make a mergers/joiners for conveyor belts, which would be like the splitter but with the blocks converging instead of splitting, so we can make working loops again. Or maybe add both merger/joiners and component factory queues.