Complete Crafting Guide - What Crafty Mike doesn't teach! [TT]

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    Updated version here on Steam!


    1► "Crafty Business I"
    - Receivers pick up resource chunks, passing them to Conveyors that move them, Orbital Delivery Canons sell them and Refineries convert them into more valuable refined chunks.

    :D Receivers pick up loose resources within their short grab range, or from Collectors on separate, allied techs (not from the same tech).

    bugbotsad Bug - Receivers sometimes (wrongly) take resources from other receivers, occasionally on the same tech [report].​

    :D Resources can be placed directly on, or taken off, conveyors manually.

    :D Conveyor direction can be reversed by right clicking anywhere on a length of 2 or more connected Conveyor blocks that form a continuous path.

    :D Conveyor blocks will still connect when one is rotated edge on to the other, even upside down, provided they are edge to edge, not edge to top or bottom. This permits 3D routes. (See section 9 for a full list of which crafting blocks have limited orientations.)

    :D Conveyors normally move resources at exactly 1 block per second.

    :D Orbital canons dispatch resources at half that speed - 1 block every 2 seconds.

    :D Refineries take and output 1 resource per second, with a 3 second processing buffer in between.

    bugbotsad Bug - Refineries only take 5 chunks consecutively before pausing for 1 second, when connected as shown in "Crafty Business I", above [report]. This potentially causes some resources to bypass them on a conveyor. See section 5 for more details.​

    :) Therefore, Mike's example selling base would have been better with the Refinery placed in a break in a conveyor, to ensure all chunks must get processed before reaching the Delivery Canon.
    :D Raw Plumbite Ore sells for 18BB, compared to 27BB for refined Plumbia Ingots, which is a gain in value of 50%.

    :D All 11 resources have the same percentage mark-up, but their raw base prices vary greatly, as follows (Google Docs sheet here):

    :D Turning refined resources into components also increases the sell price. Please see @Potato's spreadsheet for those prices and mark-ups, via this forum thread.
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    2 "Crafty Business II" - Silos store resources and can send them down a conveyor to a Fabricator that's requesting them as part of a recipe for a block it is making.

    :D Silos and conveyors continue to work as normal when their tech is unanchored.

    :mad: However, GSO silos may loose resources at high speed (e.g. flying) or during sudden jerking motions.

    :D Picking up and replacing a silo is a quick way to empty it. Or send the entire tech to inventory!

    :D Silos work fine when placed sideways or upside down.

    :D Conveyors (and other components) still interface with silos provided they are edge on.

    bugbotconfused Bug - Silo (and collector) contents may appear to glitch out and then quickly be pulled back in from the location (on the ground) from which they were picked up, once, after a mobile tech re-anchors [report].

    bugbotconfused Bug - Silo (and collector) contents may appear to flip, once, after resuming from a game reload [report].

    :D Resources passing on adjacent conveyors will be pulled into a silo if there is space, unless the resource is being requested by a Fabricator (or Component Factory).

    :D Silo corners can only accept one resource chunk per second (on normal speed). So if chunks are being presented to both attach points, simultaneously, one will have to wait until the other has cleared, before the silo can take it, too.

    :D Resources can be taken from both sides of a Silo corner simultaneously.

    :D Resources stored in silos (and on Conveyors) on anchored techs are able to pass through blocks on that tech without collision.

    :) This physics simplification means resources in storage cause less FPS loss than when loose.​

    :) Silos can be stacked so that their contents intersect.​

    :D Fabricators can not request resources across silos, e.g. via conveyors connected only to the far side of the silo.

    :rolleyes: Fabricators can not accept any resources unless they match a recipe they are trying to craft.

    :D Fabrication resources are requested in sequence, but can be accepted in any order.

    :mad: Input resources are destroyed if Fabrication is cancelled half way through, or the Fabricator is picked up or removed from the tech.

    bugbotsad Bug - Clicking "Craft" too quickly, before the previous block has been spit out, will cancel the previous block and sometimes waste a second set of resources too [report].

    :D Fabrication is paused when when the tech is unanchored, but progress is retained. Also upon game save and reload.
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    3► "Crafty Business III" - Filter Conveyors can selectively pluck resources from a conveyor, based on their current selection. This is made by either placing a chunk on the Filter or right clicking for it's UI wheel. Generators can burn certain resource types as fuel (e.g. Fiberwood, Oleite and Carbite), charging batteries to power shields.

    :D Filters work sideways too, like conveyors.

    bugbotsad Bug - The red and green direction indicator triangles always render horizontally [report].​

    :D Filters will pull resources out from silos they are connected to, unlike conveyors.

    :rolleyes: Filters have an order of precedence when multiple resource types can be taken, opting for the lowliest type first (i.e. wood, then...).
    bugbotsad Bug - A Filter will fail to pull some of a consecutive series of resources off a conveyor (1 in 3) if it is outputting them onto another conveyor. Outputting directly into a silo avoids this problem [report].

    :D Fabricators can order and receive resources through filters, provided their filter setting is compatible. (Not generally advised.)

    :rolleyes: Filters do no push resources, so can not be used to put them onto Collectors or Receivers.

    :mad: Generators continue to burn resources even when the tech is fully charged, wasting them.

    :D Fuel resources that can be burned (raw/refined): Wood/Fibron, Carbius/Carbite and Olastic/Oleite.


    :D Charge figures accurate to ±0.1 (GSO batteries). Time accurate to the nearest second, except for variations of ±2s in Carbite and Carbius burning times. [Google Docs Spreadsheet here.]

    :D Pacemakers do not speed up generators.
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    4"Crafty Business IV" - Auto-miners can be used to extract certain resources (like Oliete) from seams that are found under special rocks.

    :D 1000 resource chunks can be extracted from each seam (before it disappears).

    :rolleyes: Auto-miners extract 1 chunk every 35 seconds.

    :) So 9 hours 42 minutes to deplete a seam with one Auto-miner. 4h51m with two. 3h14m with 3. 2h26m with 4.​

    :D Auto-miners have a dial on the side with a tiny black needle that indicates how depleted the seam below is.

    bugbothappy Bug - Auto-miners can currently be stacked inside one another by carefully placing them, allowing far quicker extraction, with each running in parallel. (Patched out in

    :D 4 Auto-miners is currently the maximum number per seam. Achieved by positioning all their anchor stems as close to the centre of a resource seam as possible. (Ignore the auger drill animation.) Deploy a pre-made tech to make this process easier (see description in item's Steam workshop for instructions):
    ZG Autominer 4x.png

    :D Auto-miners keep track of how long they have been in place, while you are away. They rapidly spew out all the chunks they should have produced upon returning to their area. (Reduced from 4 chunks per second to 1 every 6 seconds in

    :mad: Several hundred extracted resources, sitting loose, can create a large CPU burden that greatly lowers game FPS (AKA 'lag'). This can happen while they remain out of sight, beyond maximum draw distance, but are only a problem while loaded in, with about 600m of the player's tech. [Report.]

    :D Mining is the best way to get rich easily, particularly when setting up a refining/selling operation on a clutch of Erudite seams, which are currently plentiful.
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    5"Craftier Business I" - Refineries will automatically take or ignore passing resources on their way to a Fabricator, depending on which type is being requested.

    bugbotsad Bug - 6 or more consecutive raw resource chunks will apparently overwhelm a Refinery, causing it to pause for one second, allowing unrefined chunks past [report].

    :( This can cause blockages when unsuitable resources reach a Fabricator on a Conveyor dead-end.​

    :) Looping the Conveyor system (as shown by Mike) is a viable work around for this problem (and some others).​

    :) A second Refinery can help here, catching raw chunks that slip past (but is still not ideal).

    :) One piece of Conveyor on the Refinery output's second side, feeding back onto a main line (at the front) will fix this. (But is not a solution for a bulk refining/selling base, oddly.)​

    :D Pre-refining all resources is the most reliable approach, in line with the "Compress to Blocks" in section 10.

    :) There is a small range of blocks which do require raw resources (graphic below). However, these are all low end GSO and GeoCorp blocks (except the Hawkeye Wing Wheel) - cheap to buy and generally plentiful from destroying enemy techs. The exceptions being Fixed Anchors, Refineries and the new GeoCorp Bumpers (currently uncommon in the tech population).

    Wood, Rubber Jelly, Luxite, Plumbite and Titanite are the main resources that are ever used raw. These are all harvestable in Grasslands, Desert and Mountains. Refineries are ironically awkward to craft, requiring Carbite, from Salt Flats or an Ice biome.​

    :D Refineries can be attached directly to silos, either converting everything in-place (without pause), or pulling the chunks out and onto a conveyor, or into another silo.

    bugbotsad Bug - when multiple Refineries are accessible to a Fabricator, the allocated Refinery may alternate between them, each second, causing silo dispatch dither and other problems [report 1, report 2].
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    6"Craftier Business II" - Scrappers can convert blocks back into resource chunks, which allows them to be sold for money.

    :D Scrappers pick up only blocks of their corporation type.

    :D Scrappers pick up loose blocks 3 at a time (before a short pause).

    :( Other blocks may be thrown a long way by those suddenly being picked up from a pile.​

    :D Blocks can be placed manually instead, directly onto their maw, as with SCUs.

    :D Scrappers will attempt to stack 10-15 blocks above their input (exact number is corporation specific).

    :( If the stack is too unwieldy, blocks will be dropped (common with big GeoCorp blocks).​

    :D Scrappers will take blocks held by magnets on other allied techs, but not on the same tech.

    :D SCUs take priority over scrappers for grabbing loose blocks. But will not take blocks already suspended above a scrapper's input.

    :mad: Resources from partially scrapped blocks are lost if the scrapper is picked up or removed from the tech.

    :) But partially complete progress is retained upon de-anchoring the whole tech and game save/reload.​

    :rolleyes: The nearest scrapper will take a block, when multiple on the same tech are in range. However, when pick-up fields on separate techs overlap, the first tech loaded in will take precedence over all blocks (grabbing up to 3 at a time).

    bugbotconfused Bug - Anchored scrapers continue to function after a tech is unanchored [report].

    bugbotsad Bug - Scrappers drop some of their held blocks on world reload, and regurgitate scrapped blocks in their internal buffer [report].

    bugbotsad Bug - Scrappers can sometimes drop resource chunks from an anchored base, as they are output. E.g. when transitioning directly to the top of a Silo stack, with pacemaker on Turbo [report 1] or other circumstances [report 2].

    :D All blocks cost 3 times the value of selling their scrapped component chunks. (When bought from Trade Stations and Payload Terminals.)

    :) This includes Compressed Resource Blocks which provide refined chunks at 3 times their sell price.

    :) Better value is to buy low tier blocks made of unrefined chunks, because refining adds a 50% mark-up.​
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    7 "Craftier Business III" - Component Factories are needed to turn resources into Components that are used by Fabricators for more advanced block types. These Factories can automatically order Resources from silos and command Refiners in the same way as Fabricators. They can also be automatically controlled by Fabricators.

    :D Components can be made manually (by right clicking a Factory), or automatically on demand, during block Fabrication.

    :D Dongles must be directly connected to a Component Factory to enable it to make that teir of Component, or directly connected to a Dongle that is.

    :) Dongles can be shared between 2 Component fabricators if properly placed.​

    :mad: Higher level dongles do not enable the making of Components in the tiers below (basic level Components are always possible).

    :D A Fabricator will need a series of at least 4 Component Factories, feeding it, to make the top tier blocks. [Examples: Compact Crafter in Steam Workshop, or @Zed's YAFF 400.]

    :( The auto-crafting AI is not smart enough to temporarily store sub-components in silos or on looped conveyors.​

    :D Fabricators send for ingredient Components in order, starting from the left of their list, simplest first. So too Component Factories with their sub-components, which they can order one at a time, if necessary.

    :D Minimum chain of Component Factories required by highest level component:
    Basic = 1. Advanced = 2. Complex = 3. Exotic = 4.

    bugbotsad Bug - A Fabricator, and it's Component Factories, usually need to 'see' a Refinery upstream on their conveyor, to order Exotic (top tier) components. Also, to visibly allocate Factories, when resources are missing [report].

    :mad: Fabricators will not work when they are connected via conveyor off-spurs, it must be on the same, unbroken line as Component Factories (and Refineries). [Report.] Unless a Filter is there to pull resources off the main line for it (which may cause other problems).

    :D Silos work fine when connected via tributary Conveyor spurs.

    bugbotsad Bug - Conveyor loops (or very long lines) with many connected Component Factories and/or Refineries and silos will cause the game to hang for a couple of seconds when starting fabrication. Also when changing blocks anywhere on the tech while a Fabricator is running [report].

    bugbotsad Bug - Component Factories sometimes request additional resources (e.g. when they have already received them) [report].

    :) This bug will happen when the Fabricator block was added to the tech before the Component Factory [credit: @Klilidiplomus - here]. Fix - remove and re-add the Fabricator(s).

    :( Component Factories sometimes send spurious resources and components down a conveyor in a seemingly non-deterministic manner, while Fabricating using a high density setup with Pacemaker set to "Turbo". (E.g. OptiCFS Godzilla crafting tech, below.)​

    bugbotsad Bug - Component Factories with blocked outputs will continuously request more input resources they are unable to accept, sending them down the conveyor [report]. Fix - terminate the input conveyor at the Component Factory's input port, so the requested resources remain 'visible' to it, while stalled en-route.

    bugbotsad Bug - Component Factories and Fabricators will steal Resources/Components away from other active crafting blocks on the same conveyor. The first attached Fabricator takes precedence.

    bugbotsad Bug - adding more Dongles to certain minimal Component Factory setups will cause them to stop working (e.g. Compact Crafter example tech, below).
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    ◄8► Not mentioned! - the bits Crafty Mike forgot, or didn't know about yet...

    Collectors - have several functional distinctions from Receivers:

    :D Collectors pick up loose resource chunks over a wider radius than Receivers.

    :D Collectors relinquish held resources to Receivers on allied techs, but not on the same tech.

    :mad: Fabricators can not order Resources to be dispatched from Collectors, down Conveyors.

    :D Filter and Alternator Conveyors can pull selected resources from Collectors, as will Refineries, Component Factories and Fabricators, if their input port is directly connected.

    :( The small Venture and Hawkeye Collectors have no attach points on their sides, so can no output to a crafting system.

    :D Silos will pull resources from adjacent collectors, provided they are edge on (can be sideways). Used in "Harvester Bricker (V2)" example tech, below.


    :D Have 4 speed settings that control all crafting blocks on the tech they are connected to: Pause, Slow, Normal and Turbo (right click UI menu wheel).


    :) Normal = 1 operation per second (i.e. chunks move 1 conveyor block per second).

    :) Slow = 1 operation every 4 seconds (helpful for debugging your build).

    :) Turbo = 4 operations per second (essential for timely crafting).

    :) Pause = zero operations (allows editing a crafting setup without making a mess).
    :rolleyes: Pause (or slow) can cause a block, just fabricated, to appear to hang in mid-air on it's way out.

    bugbotsad Bug - Speed setting is not currently stored in snapshots or restored upon Undo of Pacemaker detachment [report].

    bugbotsad Bug - Turbo speed can exacerbate problems with crafting setups dropping resources to the ground: e.g. when they're exiting refineries, into silos, particularly [report].

    :D Pacemakers do no speed up Auto-miners, Generators, Collectors or Receivers (which always pick up extremely quickly).

    :D Release resource chunks from a crafting system's holding beams, simply dropping them.

    :D They do not pull resources from silos, so a Filter Conveyor will also be need to feed the dropper and empty a silo.

    :rolleyes: It is also possible to scrape chunks off Conveyors by blocking their progress very effectively. On unanchored tech, this can be with blocks that are part of the same tech. Resources on anchored techs will only interact with blocks from another tech.

    Alternator Conveyors:
    :D Alternators send chunks from their input to one of their 3 possible outputs, in turn, like dealing cards.

    :D Output directions are only active when there is a crafting block connected that is able to receive a chunk (e.g. Conveyor, Silo, Refinery).

    :( If an output block is already occupied by a chunk, the Alternator will stay stuck, trying to output in that direction until there is space, before outputting to any other outputs.

    :D Will function as a Filter Conveyor set to "All", when only one output is connected. But with the benefits of: (a) no user interface overlay clutter. (b) can output sideways.

    bugbotsad Bug - The input/output arrows are rendered in the wrong orientation when Alternators (or Filters) are placed sideways, or upside down [report].

    :DAlternators can be used to split a continuous flow of resources 2 or 3 (or more) different ways, e.g. to sell half of mined resources and Fabricate the other half into Compressed Bricks for later use.

    :DA string of Alternators will act as a binary counter (or trinary, with return Conveyors on both sides). Demonstration video:


    :D All Fabricators need to be on a tech that is currently anchored, to work. As do Component Factories, Scrappers and and all Refineries except Venture's.

    :D Full crafting bases can be made mobile using the anchoring/unanchoring feature.

    :mad: Failure to anchor can cause your tech to jerk violently, spilling stored resources. (Partially fixed, now.)

    :) Anchor down from Build Beam for a smoother crafting base deployment.
    :rolleyes: Anchoring enables physics optimisations that disable collisions between the tech's blocks and resources. Un-anchoring can make an enormous mess if your base utilises stacked silos (with intersecting resources) - when these are then pushed out of position and thrown everywhere.
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    ◄9► Advanced tips:

    :D Conveyors are delicate, but the larger crafting blocks have a lot of health; Component Factories are almost twice as tough as the 2x2 GeoCorp Small Shock Plating
    , so are viable for use as amour! (Although very heavy.)

    :D Resource chunks held in Silos, etc, can block your tech's weapons from firing (no line of sight). They're also impervious to enemy damage (and immovable), so can be used as shielding. Plus they weigh nothing when suspended.

    :D Order of precedence - At a conveyor junction, where a chunk could go multiple directions, e.g. pulled by 2 or 3 different Filters (or 2 to 3 silos), the block that was attached to your tech first will take the chunk. You can specify this by taking off and replacing the others.

    :D Turn things sideways and upside down! e.g. silos, Conveyors, Component Factories, non-GSO Scrappers, all the latest crafting blocks - including GeoCorp and Hawkeye refineries and delivery canons! Full list:

    ◄10► Best practices - heuristics for better crafting:

    :D Keep it small! - An enormous rainbow array of big silos stacked with resources looks impressive, but can cause more problems than it's worth:

    :( FPS slowdown (AKA 'lag') - Even with game engine optimisations for resources in silos on anchored techs, a massive base, with many hundred resource chunks is going to slow down your frame rate.

    :( Travel time - The more spread out crafting ingredients are, the longer they will take to traverse Conveyors to the essential processing stages. Each block length is another second on your fabrication time (or 1/4 second on Turbo). A delay repeated for each successive fabrication step, depending on number of Component Factories.

    :( Problem Filters - 1 in 3 consecutive Resources will slip past a Filter, unless it's pushing direct to a silo. Using them as part of a big loop to sort resources back to a storage array may also introduce resource dispatch dither. Better to keep complexity down.​

    :D Pre-refine everything!

    :) Halve the number of Resource types you have to deal with (from 22 to 11).

    :) Bypass any potential Refinery glitches, mentioned above (sections 1 and 5).​

    :) There are no crafting recipes that use raw Celestite, Erudite, Ignite or Rodite, and only the GSO and CeoCorp refineries require Olite and Carbite.​

    :) If scrapping or collecting resources - insert them straight into a big silo with a Refinery directly attached. Then use a Filter to only pass on refined chunks to your crafting system (and maybe pre-made components).

    :) Very few blocks need raw ingredients (see graphic at tend of section 5). You should have loads of these blocks from destroying enemies, or can buy them cheaply.

    :rolleyes: Making a whole bunch of fixed Anchors, or Refineries are likely exceptions. So, for these, it may be handy to have the capability to avoid refining your collected, or scrapped, resources immediately. Either remove the Refinery, temporarily, or use a small, dedicated crafting/harvesting tech.

    :D Compress to Blocks:

    :) Use Fabricators to immediately store all mined (or harvested) resources into your SCU inventory.

    :) Then simply scrap the Compressed Resource Blocks, as needed, into a couple of mixed feeder Silos; short Conveyors means reduced Fabrication time, every time. Also, less chance of crafting AI related game engine stress.

    :) GSO (or Venture) Resource Blocks are recommended, as they contain a manageable number of chunks:
    Venture = 8, GSO = 24, Hawkeye = 64, GeoCorp 120.

    :) Alternatively, for a larger crafting base, use an array of Scrappers, one for each resource, which feed into the small GSO Node Silos. (See "CFS Perhonen" example tech below.) These act as output buffers, serving the conveyor system, while taking up minimal space and CPU resources. One compressed block, floating in the grip of a scrapper, can supply many resources!

    :) Convert bonus compressed resource blocks, from other Corporations, into the same denomination you use on your main crafting tech. (E.g. from mission rewards, enemy drops.) Sell any left over 'loose change', you can get more easy enough.

    :) Setup next to a trade station that sells a good selection of blocks and buy up a supply using some of your amassed money! (See below.) Ironically, it has become easier to buy the supposedly common resources (particularly Plumbite, Titanite, Luxite) and mine the rare, more valuable ones.​


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    :D Erudite money base - find a well placed clutch of Erudite seams and auto-mine the heck out of them, selling most of the refined chunks for lots of cash. (Brick a few.)

    :) This works with any of the more valuable crystal resources, but Erudite seams are more numerous and accessible early game.

    :mad: If you are beyond 500-600 meters of a mining base for a long period, there will be an eruption of mined resources when you return, within that range. This can slow frame rates to a crawl, with all the collision physics.

    :) Place a base there, with large Collectors/Silos that can quickly grab up the loose chunks off the ground as fast as possible. Use a Pacemaker set to Turbo, of course. Refine everything as fast as possible, with 2 Delivery Canons per Refinery, optimally.

    11Example crafting techs...

    :D Compact Crafter - minimalist example. Maybe useful while out and about, in a pinch. Feed one of each Venture compressed block to the scrapper, and replace the Fabricator with which ever corp you want.

    Dongle placement on this design is vitally sensitive - it fails if all the Factories have all the Dongles. The attached Dongle tier order must be (working backwards from the Fabricator input, to the outputs of the Factories): 3, 2, 2&1, 1. I've found no other order that works reliably with this layout (and the even denser 3D Component Facotry conveyor placement).

    It's available on
    Steam Workshop, here. Snapshot:

    :D Compressed Fabrication System (CFS) "Perhonen" - This simple, flattened layout (like a butterfly under glass) epitomises the recommended way of using Compressed Resource Blocks in 11 dedicated scrappers, in place of large Silos. It has the same, minimal, 4 Component Factory setup as the most basic all-crafter, above. (Can be extended, of course.) See it's Steam Workshop page for instructions.

    :D Optimal CFS "Godzilla" - the very top end of manufacturing capability. It's unlikely you'd ever want more crafting capacity than this! Full details here on Steam Workshop. Snapshot:
    ZG OptiCFS Godzilla.png

    :D Harvester Bricker (V2) - Obviously, to have Compressed Resources Blocks for your CFS Crafters, you need to make a whole load. This GSO Lv4, GeoCorp Lv1 tech is a bulk collector with twin, independent Fabricator lines that make GSO blocks, for use in early-mid game onwards. It's suited for quick collection from (messy) Auto-miner sites and harvesting all other destructible resources in any biome! Full details here on Steam Workshop. Snapshot:
    ZG CFS HrvstBricker2.png

    ◄12► Acknowledgements: Credit to @Zargn for providing me with a very handy set of Crafty Mike mission save game files, saving me a lot of time.:) And credit to @streak1 for uploading the block thumbnails to the Wiki which I used for all the info-graphics, above.

    13► Intention This thread is for me to finish up writing a fairly ambitious guide to all of TerraTech crafting, and have you helpful forum users assist me with feedback and information I've missed or mistaken.:)

    It's the groundwork for a guide video (or videos) and will be copied over to Steam, too, for more players to see: here.
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    This should be stickied!
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    Thanks:), but in which sub-forum, if so? "Newbies"? (It covers basics to very advanced...) The devs might not want the forum traffic either, so Steam might well be the more permanent home, once 'finished'.

    BTW, update notes (for those who looked in a day or two back): tweaked a bunch of info throughout, added sections 8, 9, 10, added table for details about resources to section 1 and so experimental results on fuel burn times and charge in section 3 (needs to be made into a table).

    Would like to have some concrete numbers on when crafting systems get to big to activate all Component Factories, silos, etc. And to know what major mistakes I've made (there'll be something).:)
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    Added a table for charge, time and charge/s produced by each type of fuel chunk in each generator. It turned out to be a lot more involved that I expected, with different numbers and relationships across the board!:confused:
    Modders, and others competent in accessing the game code, may be able to come up with more precise figures for what some of these should be...?:)
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    Made a bunch of edits, additions and embedded a couple of demonstration videos
    Also made this little graphic of all the blocks that require raw resources:
    Please say if I've missed something.:)

    Still working on example techs and a "Compact Crafting" video...
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    You missed the Hawkeye wing wheel thingy. I would say it's exact name, but my computer is off, and I'm typing this on my iPad. Oddly, it is the only Hawkeye block that requires a raw resource chunk.
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    Ah, good call!:) How odd, it's the only HE block with raw resources and it's only the Rubber Jelly that's raw...

    So I checked properly in game, and of course all the new GSO GeoCorp bumpers and some half/corner blocks need raw too. Plus the refineries are really awkward with raw Oliete Carbite, meaning that you have to find a salt flat (or ice) biome before you can craft any refineries... Ironically hard:confused:; just have to nick them off Mike and buy the rest.

    So, updated, expanded graphic of all blocks requiring raw resources:
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    You mean, GeoCorp bumper, not GSO bumper.
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    Took a quick look at filter malfunction, and saw this (let me know if it's lacking):
    Made various other changes/corrections.

    Also, added a "Buy" Price column to the resources table graphic (now version 3):
    And finally moved this thread from "Open" to "Newbies" forum section.
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  19. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    Added a graphic for showing which crafting blocks have locked and unlocked re-orientation options:
    Added a graphic showing better refinery setups for selling bases:
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  20. Boomik

    Boomik ...

    Just mass-liked all of your posts. You should be happy.
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