Community Designed Wheels for the Payload Corp (mod)

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Jul 23, 2018
Hey Prospectors,

The next iteration of Official Mod Support will include support for wheel functionality. This means you'll be able to add your own wheels and have them act like proper wheels.

So we'd like to include some example wheels in the Payload Corporation Mod for modders to play around with. We want you to help design these wheels then @SadKen, our resident Payload Corp modder, will add them to Payload Corp as well as the modding documents as a sample model.

We've only got this weekend to collect the designs so get drawing!

What we need:
  • An image or sketch of your design
That's it!

We'll then pick our favourite design and add it to the Payload Corp.


Green Theem

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Apr 8, 2020
Sketched this up during lunch. It’s a retractable wheel with rover-grade tires.
It doesn’t have to be retractable, but if possible, I’d prefer it is. The modding community is begging for making custom animated blocks!14248479-5799-45C0-BEA5-88AC304F31A2.jpeg


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Sep 13, 2020
Payload Corp Wheela.png
Its very rough, just for a general Idea of using more rod based suspension and steering. The top being for lightweight techs on the side, the bottom being for the heavy duty techs. The idea is to allow the wheels to have a nice amount of suspension as they will have 4 rods with suspension attached.

The top one is more of a side attaching suspension and allows suspension to be much more pliant and flexible so techs can easily drive over dunes and hills.

The bottom images are better suited to flatter areas and heavier techs. Can also be used with a gyroscope to create a one wheeled tech that can climb hills

This is a extremely rough draft as more of a concept to be worked on.
personally I am much happier with the first design.


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Feb 5, 2019
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Yes maybe like mariokart wheels that roll around to become hovers, perhaps depending on the control scheme?
TAC has a wheel that does this, its a hover/wheel combo that has the wheel deployed when the hover power on a hover controller is set to 0, and it folds up to hover when the hover power is set to 100. I would live to see a Payload themed wheel like this.


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Jun 16, 2020
Was thinking something like that.

The idea I was going to post as a BF idea but will post here.

Multi functioning Wheel

hover: 4x2x2 (almost like the closed BF landing hear but has an open bottom where the hover comes out. is meant to easily fit inside builds)
wheel: 4x2x4 (Wheel is an omni wheel that allows for easy movement when flight isn't the best option)

Swapping modes: requires a control module. Turning off hover power turns on the wheels. Unlike other hovers that instantly turn off it will slowly turn off going to 10% power until the wheels are deployed then turning off, reverse when turning on.


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Apr 4, 2019
Hi, I wanted to make a cool drawing but I kept failing at the perspective part so I had to model it in Blender, I hope it's alright! I'll share the only drawing I made, too.

First, the drawing:


And the models, which I had a lot of fun doing! (I love Payload corp theme)


The concept here is basically that of mars rover wheels, I think it fits a lot the theme of space exploration started by the Shuttle.
It adds to the game as small wheels with high clearance, where most 1 AP wheels lack much height besides the GSO Riser (which goes under the Tech), this one is both tall and wide, and the full set should make Techs very stable!
I would originally suggest left and right versions but a mid version would be easy to do and would make Techs look much more unique.

As for stats, I suggest these wheels to have moderate torque and speed (for a small wheel), with higher grip than average, good suspension, and frail health, as a more civil/exploration oriented wheel.

Thanks devs for the upcoming wheel support, everyone have a nice week!


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Jan 21, 2016
Something for GeoCorp - A wheel that can deal damage and crush all in its path.
(Yes they have the Krusher wheel, but does it really does what it says on the tin ?)

Maybe comprised of 3 parts - Left & Right Fork and a Centre wheel ?
(Again - If you want to see something similar in action - check out Rafs' Custom Blocks and Skins)


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Apr 4, 2019
This thread is only for proposing the Payload Wheel design, and I don't think it will be anything too crazy since it's just to showcase the modding tool and the tool itself will have all the wheel basics, nothing out of the ordinary.

That said, I suggest posting these ideas in a suggestion thread in the other forum section so it doesn't get lost.

Nevertheless, I proceeded to steal some of your ideas, thanks. (jk, but it did inspire me to do a fork-like construction block to hold trasher wheels and other things)
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