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Nov 17, 2019
How about a repulser that points the the floor that provides a boost of lift when on the ground, just a fun idea. Also I would love angled wings that are placed on a 30-45 degree angle on the y axis. Both these ideas would make concept builds more fun.
I also think that the hawkeye knife wing is an amazing idea


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Nov 21, 2017
Ballistic missile pods, an angled and a non angled variant. Capable of engaging at extremely long distances and can fire in a barrage instead of a salvo. However, it'll take a long, long time to reload. Angled version basically works as a super long range mortar for surface-air purposes.

Also, as has been suggested many times before, an actual big naval gun with a sweep of ~120 degrees. It's footprint as represented in screenshots 2-5 is 8*11*3, so big, big. I tried to make the shape of the model in the Hawkeye style but I think the caliber is a tad small in comparison to the M3.

Also there's this, and this


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Jul 23, 2018
Big thanks to everyone who contributed, we've now whittled the suggestions down to a shortlist that will be put to the vote. Weapons and wings were by far the most popular, so we've decided to add a block (or pair) for each category. There are 2 polls, and the winning block from each will make it into the game, so get voting!

Here are the two polls:

Get voting!

If your suggestion didn't make the list, these are the most likely reasons;

- NO NEW FUNCTIONALITY! There was only one condition, and this was it.
- Too similar to an existing block.
- Too similar to a block that hasn't yet been released.
- Too similar to a block we already have planned for the future.
- Block Sets. Where multiple blocks were suggested that form a set it didn't make much sense to add just one, but we'll be looking at these again when resources allow.
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