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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

If you'd like to have your Tech showcased you can submit it by attaching a Snapshot/Screenshot or linking to it on the Steam Workshop in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 19th April from 4pm UK Time on Twitch:

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for your Tech are to be highlighted in RED. This includes any Official Mods that your Tech uses.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.
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Apr 13, 2023
Not an original build but a replica, still, it's pretty cool and uses the largely underutilized but absolutely amazing nonetheless Quad Railguns.

All the requirements are mentioned in the Workshop entry, but I'll post them here as well just in case:
CrossCorp Better Future;
CrossCorp GeoCorp;
CrossCorp GSO;
CrossCorp Venture.

As for controls, which are also mentioned on the Steam page,
W - S for forwards - backwards movement;
A - D for turning left - right, although, depending on the situation, you might want to add a bit of Q and E accordingly for quicker turns;
Q - E for strafing;
C - Z for pitch up and down;
Arrows right and left for roll controls, although they are a bit weird and not particularly useful;
Arrows up and down for going radially up and down - not too useful for gaining height in place, but great for dropping down quickly;
The ship also has a few bossters (ctrl), but they are mostly there for the looks. Still, they do add a bit of speed.

Additional control info:
Thanks to the Hoverbug™, the ship is able to stay at any height while ever so slowly losing altitude with no input.
This allows it to very easily climb heights by pitching its nose up a bit and simply going forward; this is its main way of gaining height.
The ship is capable of charging its batteries via Sky Anchors and solar panels, as well as transmit a bit of that energy to smaller techs underneath it if required.
All the shield and repair bubbles are off by default, but can be turned on using the rather easy to notice switches designated for that.
There is currently no Anti-gravity technology installed on the ship, but the switch is there just because it looks cool.

WARNING: The current model has a considerable weakness at the back in the form of a missing energy shield, so be careful about that!


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Dec 18, 2019
totally not a last minute late post that I grabbed from my workshop

It’s a truck, you only really just need to press X. Comes with batteries that need charging. Uses HHI and Rafs’ skins.


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Oct 23, 2019
Here's a testing strip for the Drag Race challenge. I made it before I realized the challenge had already started (on Discord).
Drag Race Test Srip.png

IMPORTANT NOTE: After loading this save file, make sure to trigger the speed sensor beam BEOFRE the race start gate trigger to keep the speed indicators from being disabled.

Use the Remote Control (by the start gate—second image):
Right button on the remote starts the race.
Left button resets everything for the next race.

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Nov 5, 2023
Workshop Link:
Skin Mod Link:
(Should check that other Skin Mods are unloaded to avoid inaccurate painting.)

It's called People's Liberation Army Navy 003 "Fujian" Aircraft Carrier, this MotherShip's name “Fujian” is taken from my hometown.
中国人民解放军海军福建舰 003航母.png
Attached Mini Carrier-based aircraft. Slightly more difficult to operate, the helicopter (very abstract) needs to press the C key to change its operation mode, and all other techs use the operational methods of "fanq1E aircraft" (including aircraft carriers).

Landing Arrest Rope System:
The circuit system of the Landing Arrest Rope has been equipped with encrypted communication technology for the first time, and ordinary jammers will not be able to affect it.
The results will be displayed on the screen on the left side of the Shipbridge, press the button on the left side of the Shipbridge to reset the results (it's time to test your flying skills! )
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