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taking a break from TAC Pack
May 20, 2017
Artonus II: Shoot planes Matt, planes
I don't think Matt has TACtical AIs installed

A randomly spawning Hawkeye base from the Unofficial Mod TACtical AIs
I made a batch of bases and Techs just for that mod's random spawns
Archilles Factory.png
In TACtical AIs:
It will not do much with vanilla AI, but in TACtical AIs, this base (when randomly spawned) deploys the tech in the middle, and then rebuilds that Tech, turning itself into a Tech Factory until it hits a hard enemy Tech limit team-cap.
It then builds other bases and expands it's territory to challenge other prospectors who trespass it's turf, or bribes them to it's bidding.

Because it's a random spawn, it's size and caliber are intended to not be too overwhelming for mediocre players.

Since this thread is vanilla, this is just a showcase of this Tech.

You do not need to install Unofficial Mod TACtical AIs to spawn this Tech.
Just set to enemy and send any of the other submissions against it if you prefer.
Not open for further replies.