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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

If you'd like to have your Tech showcased you can submit it by attaching a Snapshot/Screenshot or linking to it on the Steam Workshop in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 3rd Msrch from 4pm UK Time on Twitch:

Due to time constraints, we will only be able to show a maximum of ONE Tech per player.

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for your Tech is to be highlighted in RED. This includes any Official Mods that your Tech uses.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.


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Jun 10, 2020
A bit less detailed but I think that's a good thing knowing Matt. Also it's a Carrier, so it needs flat surfaces for deployable techs.

Include the solar farm, the Carrier has so many individual bubbles, your default tiny and slow charger will take MINUTES before there is enough power in the batteries to display the shield power up effect on shield blocks AND power the Anti-gravity engines what so ever!

I will also like to point out, there exists no "right" variant of any BF block, making all "left" BF blocks unusable for the most part.

Carrier link:

Solar farm link:

LDA Carrier.jpg


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Nov 14, 2020
This is my Fighter Plane. It is really fast an highly manouverble.
Be careful with the controlls, as it reacts fast and could crush into the ground. Has no shields and only works with the pre selected controll scheme. Controlls are the same as a normal pklane, but the steering thruster are used when flighing normaly.
Steam Workshop::Air Superiority Fighter 2 (


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Nov 21, 2020
The Artemis
The Artemis is an Artemis-Class battleship meant for co-op PVP fitted with a hoverbug/anti-grav engine, she has an armament of 50 cruise missiles, 16 avalanche launchers, 14 missile pods, 6 battleship cannons, 26 BMB's, 22 lance lasers, and 3 gatling lasers. She has extended an battery life for those pesky battleship cannon spammers. This Beauty was constructed by the mighty Ninjer to deal with the the other mighty warships plaguing co-op creative.
She will take a long time for her batteries and bubbles to be up and running, she also doesn’t handle the best (in my opinion)
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Oct 23, 2019
Here's my multi-tech tank with an independent AI turret. You can drive the tank or control the turret, both have cab and AI.

IndependenTurreTank revised.png

Use my save files to avoid having to assemble it.
Don't fast travel or it will lose the turret tech.
You can safely put it in build mode.
Looks best with
Uniform Grey Skin Pack.

Save location: R&D Testing Apparatus
Save location: R&D Target Practice
Save location: R&D Turret Run
Save location: R&D Battle Arena

Actual tech (some assembly required):


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Dec 18, 2019
I bring forth from the megaforges...
"The Thalacysius class is a large cruiser type, well rounded and high durability. Built on a heavily modified battery based cruiser core, Thalacysius is similar to Illosius, in that it has a full armored belt and over twice as much power storage, as well as featuring a comparable amount of naval guns and gatling lasers. Though Thalacysius lacks in the cruise missile armament sector, it is also fitted with a full array of dual auto cannons for tearing apart shields and broadside megatons for general damage. While there aren't many BMBs or avalanches, Thalacysius still carries broadside seekers and GSO missile emplacements to take care of fast attack craft. Lastly, Thalacysius has a much more powerful setup of propulsion that brings it up to destroyer speeds." - The workshop description copy-pasted.

Controls: Standard hovercraft controls.
W/S Acceleration
Ctrl Boost
A/D Yaw
Q/E Strafe
Up/Down arrow Lift
Left/Right arrow Roll
Page up/down Pitch

Flying tips: Controlling like a standard hovercraft and staying level, only using lift when necessary, is a perfectly fine way to use Thalacysius. However, the ship is capable of rapid pitch and roll maneuvers to take advantage of your enemies, whether the be above you, below you, or just very far away.


oh yeah, it's pronounced Tha-la-sis/sys-see/cee-us
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