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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

If you'd like to have your Tech showcased you can submit it by attaching a Snapshot or linking to it on the Steam Workshop in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 7th October from 4pm UK Time on Twitch:

Due to time constraints, we will only be able to show a maximum of THREE Techs per player. So if you have loads of Techs, pick the three best ones and let us know in your submission.

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for your Tech is to be highlighted in RED. This includes any Official Mods that your Tech uses.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.


Commander-in-chief of Carrier Strike Group NOVA-01
Jun 13, 2020
aw yiss, time to showcase my aircraft carrier N.S.N. Sara C. Lance


No mods or special instruction required, it's plug and play, just fill the batteries and the anti-grav will do the rest. I attached a save file for creative mode with the carrier and aircraft laid out like the pic above, to save time during stream

Also here's the 2 types of carrier capable aircraft shown in the picture above


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May 8, 2020
Yessssssssss; it's back!!!!!
Aight, here are some of my best three techs (all which should be charged first for best performance:
First up, we have the Ares, a frontal assault tank focused on bringing viability to underpowered/underused weaponry:

Next we have the flying car (very creative name, ik):
Flying Car.png
Drive like a normal car, then either switch to an aeroplane control scheme or use some method of pitch control to fly.

Lastly, I have the Riptide bomber Airship, an LME mortar-bomber (please ignore the fact I forgot the far left laser gun:

Set lift to around 85; give or take some, and then fly like a aeroplane, minus roll.

Make em all fight something, minus the car.
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Apr 7, 2020
I assume this showcase is for vanilla techs only?

Haven't played vanilla for a while, so these two are made before I became addicted to pistons and swivels.

If unofficial mods are allowed I might be able to submit something slightly more interesting.

Experimental builds. One is asymmetrical, the other is tilted.
Both are simple combat techs, just charge them up and have them fight something, like the Turret Run.
If the Chaser starts to drift, activate the boosters could stabilize it somewhat.


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Jun 10, 2020
Mmmmmm. Anyways.. Matt. Don't be lazy, if my techs don't load with the correct skins, just flesh fill them with the correct skin!
Oh by the way, I don't like the idea of people using these techs instead of building their own, so only admins can access them. That is why I included sceenshots.
The only instructions I have are: Have darklight skins and GSO letters mod as specified on their workshop page.
There are no unofficial mods required, all entirely vanilla and steam workshop.
#1: The Toaster V3:
The Toaster V3.png
#2: V_LDA HQ.
A drone is included for you to explore the base in it.
As you can probably tell, it uses some blocks you are not meant to have.. WELL TOO BAD! THE BLOCKS ARE FAIR AND BALANCED ANYWAYS.
LDA HQ.png
#3: V_LDA Shield Hunter.
This is what I think of shield and battery spam.
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I draw TT models for fun
Feb 5, 2019
Ben & jerry's ice cream tub
This is the GC OM Tortoise, a workshop modded tech using two GeoCorp workshop mods to spice up the traditional GeoCorp tech. No unofficial TTMM mods were used in this tech.

GC OM Tortoise.png

This tech requires steam workshop mods to load in!

-The Little GeoCorp Mod by 'Torse Poil'
-Norali's Mod 003 GCblock by 'Noralikuralin'
-Rafs' Skins Magapack by 'Rafs'


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Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
TACN Sword: Sword goes swoosh, it's fast(ish) and very swooshy. swoosh
Shaded Silence SKA1: This is a nice looking boat that can shoot things. Probably would've submitted it to the Naval Challenge to watch it die looking the best, if I made it before the entry deadline.
RLN Artmis: This was supposed to have a plane but I ran out of snapshots so hey look at it, notice how horribly balanced it is. All the lore this one gets is "Commit many war crimes, the Oompa Loompas did."

Do any of these have batteries you ask? Does it matter? We all know Matt's going to try and charge them anyways



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Nov 1, 2019
Alright, so I have been making techs that function really well and techs that look good (since in this game without mods those two are mutually exclusive, for an example of with mods, functional and looking good, see the third one).

The HE Scouter is particularly interesting because of its unmatched climbing abilities. It can climb the RnD Battle Arena's walls with no difficulty and can conquer hills with ease. It also is incredibly compact, only 4x2x6, and the smallest tech that I have built that does what it is supposed to do.

The VEN Dragster is also interesting because it has a top speed of 160, reached with only wheels. It may be hard, but take it out for a spin on the racing courses and see what kind of times you can get. Since it has more downforce than you could shake a stick at, you could also attempt some of the stunt ramps. Maybe even treat us with a loop-the-loop?

The LK Bismarck is without a doubt the biggest tech I have made. When unfolded (happens automatically upon loading in, press B to toggle build mode which resets it), it even surpasses the natural build size. He may not be fast, but with his unparalleled firepower, range, and integrity it can take out what opposes it with ease. This requires some unofficial mods, though: Lemon Kingdom Blocks, Control Blocks, the GreenTech Beam Anchor, and Black Labs Wheels. Other controls for this land ship: R to toggle Manual Aim for the naval guns, T to toggle type of manual aim (this is between just point in the same direction as the camera and point at the cursor), and Y to swap between show (makes the big guns snap to what the "vanilla" warship would look like) and automatic (auto-target and auto-fire). Pressing T has no effect when not manually aiming and Y has no effect if you are manually aiming. For extra sadness, press ALT+C, find the two RR Inline Swivels in the GUI that pops up, and set their back push to ON. The mass of the naval guns is plenty enough to move the tech. Since autofire works only on targeting range, you can set the AI to "Idle" and the guns will still fire. With manual aiming, you could put Target Practice to its intended use finally, and see if you can hit the targets from far away, and with the automatic mode, you can take it through the turret run or the Battle Arena and see just how durable some of the techs there are. One other thing, you will have to spawn it in since it says it has no player cab, but it does have one. Deploy and then swap.

Of course, to fill in my third slot if the above one is not allowed due to unofficial mods here is the single most excessive RR tech I have. It has no shields or repair bubbles, but with this amount of firepower do you really need that to take out the non-believers?

Of course, since the snapshot only locks on to the folded-up size of the Bismarck, here he is in the expanded size.
Might in Size.png


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Jan 30, 2020
@Matt From the looks of it, it seems like we need a clarification as to whether unofficial modding is allowed. That answer will drastically effect which submissions myself and others will make.
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Apr 7, 2020
@Matt From the looks of it, it seems like we need a clarification as to whether unofficial modding is allowed or not. That answer will drastically effect which submissions myself and others will make.
I guess not, since once there was a Modded Community Core Submit, dedicated to unofficial modded techs.


Jul 23, 2018
@Matt From the looks of it, it seems like we need a clarification as to whether unofficial modding is allowed. That answer will drastically effect which submissions myself and others will make.
We will do separate Modded Comm Core Streams for Unofficial mods.

If your submissions contain any mods that can be found on the Steam Workshop please include this in your submissions' description.


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Jan 30, 2020
Jupiter Class Battle-Cruiser

F390 JXD4.png

Massive battle-cruiser. Can be maneuvered quite well in any direction relative to its mass, including all the way up to space. Able to move in all directions, it can operate like an airplane with correct use of hover controls. Self charges while anchored. Uses the hidden ALT version of HG1 turret.

Disassembler Scavenger Hover-fort


Can anchor to help charge itself. Hovers above enemies and slices them apart with lasers, causing minimal damage to the parts so it can pick them up with its mobile SCUs. The top can be detached with explosive bolts, it has an AI so it can be used as a sentry, though you won't be able to charge the bottom on its own.

Black Rain Heavy Bomber
Flies really fast for a plane of its size, drops bombs and launches cruise missiles at targets. Best to slow down before attacking :D
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Apr 18, 2020
Well, i noticed that geocorp has little to no very mobile techs, so i made these techs to fulfill that purpose. The first one is the 1 track scout, that uses a couple HE boosters and a single large geocorp track to act like some sort of bike. The second one is the performance version of that: It is much more mobile than the normal version, but at the cost of visual aspects.

1 track scout -
top performance 1 track scout -

caution: im not a very smart person, so i used 2 venture right wings for the tail of the scouts, so if you want to avoid constantly turning right, i'd recommend you to swap one with a left venture wing

also, i made this car that has a goose-looking chassi, because why not.


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Jul 15, 2020
Since comm core is coming up and I don't have time to make cool vanilla techs, I guess my submissions are going to be a little dull. My first submission would be my Consular Class Cruiser from the Star Wars series. I'm 99% sure it's all vanilla, and if it isn't, feel free to let me know, I'll try to strip away any modded blocks that may or may not be present.

Next up is Sparky from the popular mobile RTS game, Clash Royale. I made it as a little fun build, has next to no combat effectiveness.
Please note that for some odd reason, the paint job will not load correctly, so the colors won't be faithful to the original.


My final submission is my RR x HE enemy submission. I kinda liked the aesthetics, and plus it's like my only other pure vanilla tech lol.
ES RR x HE.png

Below are references for both the Cruiser and Sparky.
I promise I have far cooler things for a modded comm core :)


Founded ZTech and BlackWing, Chief of N.A.S.F-01
ZTech returns to Comm core with our best aircraft yet: the Z7 Aerocar. as the last time you guys even used the ZPro line, it was back when the Z4 was just released, and also starring is my flight machine from NOVA!
the ZPro Z7 Aerocar:
ZT Z7 AeroCar.png
The NASF01 Scorpion:
NASF01 Scorpion.png
And, first time appearance from our BlackWing department, is the rebirth of the Z4 albatross, an older bomber which soon will have power storage, it was built and used for this job, and now, I feel like it will bring a memory of the Z4 back, having similar performance:
truly, I think from now on, the latest from BlackWing, the NASF01, and ZTech will appear in comm cores, as a bit of a showcase of what's our newest items, and all of them coming from my end.
Note: the Scorpion is using linear motion engines(I think), so if it does not feel fast, us the acceleration keys from the well known ZT Air scheme(up and down arrows) for that, if it has one. the rest use the same controls and have no linear throttle
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