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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

If you'd like to have your tech showcased you can submit your techs by attaching snapshots, game saves or Steam Workshop links in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 23rd October from 4pm BST on Twitch:

A limit of no more than TWO Snapshots/Steam Workshops or 3 Techs in a GAME SAVE per player, please :) If submitting a GAME SAVE please specify if it's R&D or Creative in your submission.

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for how Techs should be shown must be displayed in RED. Text that is not marked this way will likely be ignored. All instructions must be written in no more than 140 characters. Attaching a video of the Tech in action to your thread is strongly advised.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.


Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
H17 Cacus PB: Charge it and take it through the turret lane. It's that simple. Probably
(Edit) H Adams: I'd suggest spawning in at least three of these, taking control of one, turning them all to enemies and battle it out.


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Jan 5, 2018
Devastator II Mobile Factory:
steam workshop page
Devastator2 MFactory.png
Either scrap resource blocks or another tech using its scrappers and try to make the block with the most complicated crafting recipe in the game. Sell the remaining resources while unanchored and moving.
Instruction video here (so you know how to sell and turn on the pacemaker):
The timestamps you want are: 0:20 (Pacemaker Location) 5:20 (Selling), and
I am currently working on a mini version of this factory but it won't be done in time for the video. (Also I would have to make a new instruction video) It's coming soon™.
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Jan 3, 2015
October Haul - Creative Save Attached

Venture Tamias and BGR Rektifyer
Regular car controls with Q&E Pitch control and SHIFT for Boost.

BGR Kompensator
What? Having a few dozen BS cannons on a plane doesn't mean I'm compensating for something? No way.
Antigrav plane with Shift = boost. Unanchor and press Up Arrow to set the Throttle to 100%.
Has ironsights for sniping. One hand on mouse for camera control.

Workshop links down below for each techs!
<Venture Tamias>
<BGR Rektifyer>
BGR Kompensator>


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May 30, 2018
Creative Save

Three techs this week, all using the spider eyes and a bit more attention to the aesthetics than my usual builds.

Spyder: A spider themed hovercraft using hovercraft controls. Nothing fancy, no hoverbug, use Shift to assist in going up steep slopes.

Scythe: One of my few honest to goodness airplane builds. It flies pretty well considering it's primarily Hawkeye blocks and batteries with wings. Based off the Necron Night Scythe from War40k. Standard airplane controls

Maul: The Maul is a purpose built carrier for 6 Hatchet drones. It's capable of broadsiding foes for maximum damage, or facing them head-on with its heavily armored front. The Maul also features dual mobile refineries feeding into 6 mobile furnace generators and a single mobile delivery cannon, ensuring the majority of burnable resources get used for fuel. 24 GeoCorp wireless chargers keep the Hatchets and other allied friendlies in the area fully charged. It can anchor and has 4 Better Future solar panels for upkeep while not in use, not intended for main charging. Press X to deploy drones, set hoverpower controller to minimum power, WASD + Q/E to move, Up/Down arrow for pitch. Go fight the Piecemaker in the distance.


The hover power controller is partially hidden in the back left
Maul HPC Location.jpg



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Feb 23, 2018
Here's another last-minute entry for you, a Better Future combat vehicle known as the Silver Trident. It looks good, but isn't actually much use except in a straight-line sprint or against weaker enemies, sort of like a real trident made out of silver. It needs to be charged up for optimum use, unlike a real trident made out of silver.

Silver Trident.png


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Jun 29, 2017
Just the one tech this stream, but it's fairly involved, given that it does everything (but fly)!:

"GSV Prime Mover" - an all-crafter, racer, harvester, fighter!

ZG GSV Prime Mover.png

Load it and take a quick look, play this 5 minute function demonstration video (sorry, no time for annotations or voice over and won't be awake for the stream :():

From the Steam workshop item description:
A real ALL purpose end game "General Systems Vehicle" that's fast and fun while being able to Fabricate anything!

• Uncompromising use of all the best blocks from every corporation.
• Fast F1 wheels, Ion Engines and BF Boosters for speed - 85mph cruise, 115mph sustained boost.
• Small enough to fit through medium race and stunt mission gates.
• Rear underside hover controller to tweak drift of rear-end, for quicker 180 turns to face enemies.
• Devastating firepower from 4 battleship canons, 4 cruise missiles, etc.
• Damage resilient front end, with tough blocks and efficient Venture shield/repair bubbles, for facing off against hard enemies.
• Cerberus Head Light Bores for harvesting rocks without firing (just ram trees).
• Secondary, independent Fabrication line for full duplex resource bricking.
• Venture Silos to retain resource reliably above 90mph.
• Minimal 4-Component Factory layout for fast fabrication.
• Easily swappable rear Fabricators for crafting blocks from other corps.
• Filter gated furnace generators (front left) and delivery canon (front right), fed by main crafting line.
• 4 robust GeoCorp batteries with dedicated Venture repair bubble.
• 2 BF Solar generators for trickle charge (while anchored).
• Power controller block at rear - TURN ON bubbles before use!

Because it's over ฿฿1M, I also made this cut-down cheaper enemy version for @zanzistar's consideration, not to show:

ZG GSV Prime Mover E.png
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