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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

If you'd like to have your tech showcased you can submit your techs by attaching snapshots, game saves or Steam Workshop links in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 26th June from 4pm BST on Twitch:

A limit of no more than TWO Snapshots/Steam Workshops or 3 Techs in a GAME SAVE per player, please :) If submitting a GAME SAVE please specify if it's R&D or Creative in your submission.

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for how Techs should be shown must be displayed in RED. Text that is not marked this way will likely be ignored. All instructions must be written in no more than 140 characters. Attaching a video of the Tech in action to your thread is strongly advised.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.
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Feb 25, 2015
Woah, I think this is the first time I have been first to post for the CC!

I have a very useful tech to share this week. It started as my campaign harvester and after a major upgrade it is now pretty good at harvesting, selling and of course battling.
For now this is going to be my main battle tech!

1201 Harvester RX1.png
May you make millions! Have a good one [8D)


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Jan 3, 2015
Not a Snapshot! Workshop Link Here >>>

Floater Mortar
Half Tank, Half Hovercraft, with Easy Cannon Angle Adjustment with Arrow Keys.
Ironsight for sort of a Grenade Launcher-like Crosshair. And everything nice.

1. Up & Down Arrow to raise/lower the front.
2. Line up enemy in the center of the RING and in between the front posts.
3. Where in the front post you line up at is how far you will shoot.

Below are examples what they should look like for each turret's distance in R&D
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Apr 6, 2019
Im back with an all-new Invention:
An advanced multitech cannon that can shoot even airships at Long range(it can shoot just beyond the horizon at optimal aiming)
-16x HE Battleship Cannon
-2x HE Seeekr Missile
-2x HE Cruise Missile
1.Press X to release top turret
2.switch to top turret
3.use W/S to move up and down and A/D to move sideways(should the Control scheme be broken use plane Control scheme,this works too but uses E/Q to go to the sides the cannon at your enemy

The lower part of the turret should be on idle by Default,so the turret can be turned using the top part`s thrusters and and can be precisely aimed at far away Targets.when switching to guard mode you will not be able to fire at far away Targets because of this modes passive movement,but it will turn quicker and automatically towards Targets within its detection range,making it good for Shooting at fast tech going around you(you still have to manually aim up and down)
Supercannon Mk2.png
This Picture is the tech file.
(if you are wondering why ist called Mk2 ist because there was a proof-of-concept test turret before that i didnt want to include since it Looks very bad and has no shields and repair,so is completely impractical)


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Feb 23, 2018
As promised, I have designed some techs to take on the flying brick. Here's a massive fighter plane, Red Hawk Up:

Red Hawk Up.png

Red Hawk Up is a powerful Venture aircraft which is almost capable of turning. Charge it up and use the standard aeroplane controls.

And next, Corona, a fearsome Hawkeye drone-type aircraft:


The Corona is full of downwards-facing cannons and missile launchers for bombing. Charge it up, then use the arrow keys to control vertical thrust and all the usual keys for manoeuvreing. For best effect, you should be above the flying brick whilst firing.
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Jan 27, 2019
Got two new space ships for tonight, as promised!

First up is a simple destroyer-class craft. It's a full anti-gravity warship, so you are granted greater maneuverability as a result. Here we have:

The Intrepid Destroyer
Space Destroyer.png
Comes equipped with a vast array of weaponry, as well as solar panels for self-charging for extended missions away from your base. Don't run out of power, otherwise you might be looking forward to a very quick, and painful, date with the ground. This realistically should have no problem taking on the flying Brick.

Page Up/Down: Lift
W/S: Pitch
A/D: Turning
Q/E: Roll
Arrow Key Up/Down: Accelerate/Decelerate

And next is my trademark Big Boi of this week's submissions.

The Sky Angel Carrier
Sky Angel Carrier.png
Like in the name, this airship comes with four different craft for one to operate. It's purpose built to be an effective space carrier, through and through. It doesn't have many weapons for a ship of it's size for the sake of emphasizing that the strike craft are to be the main source of damage and defense for the ship.

It's ideal for carrier operations, effectively being a mobile base, able to supply an entire fleet with power quite quickly.

Has two, small ground bombers, as well as a medium-sized missile interceptor in it's hangar. Also has a heavy helicopter on the top which is ideal for directly taking on tougher opponents from the sky.

There are two included control schemes, one for the carrier, and one for the fighters.

Here is a short video demonstrating it (and one of the fighters):
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