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Jul 23, 2018
Community Core is a live stream where we showcase the best creations players have made in TerraTech.

If you'd like to have your tech showcased you can submit your techs by attaching snapshots, game saves or Steam Workshop links in this thread.

You'll be able to watch them in action on Wednesday 10th April from 4pm GMT on Twitch:

A limit of no more than THREE Snapshots/Steam Workshops or 4 Techs in a GAME SAVE per player, please :) If submitting a GAME SAVE please specify if it's R&D or Creative in your submission.

NOTE: INSTRUCTIONS for how Techs should be shown must be displayed in RED. Text that is not marked this way will likely be ignored. All instructions must be written in no more than 140 characters. Attaching a video of the Tech in action to your thread is strongly advised.

This thread will be archived just before the stream to make way for the next wave of Community Core submissions.
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Jul 1, 2016
ok so this week I present you with some aircraft techs that would work well in the enemy population (yes, you heard that right- aircraft).

They're all demonstrated in an r&d save attached to this post. This is what you should show on the stream, not the snapshots. The snapshots are there if you wanna put them in the enemy population.

Junter ATCV: A light combat tech that only uses venture grade 3, GSO grade 5, and Hawkeye grade 2.

MD Recurance AI Bomber: A bomber that does't require a pilot to fly. Uses only Hawkeye grade 3, Venture Grade 3, and GSO grade 5 (so it will be quite an endgame enemy)- no better future or GeoCorp.

Alien Dropship Squad: Mysterious aliens from an unknown planet have decided to invade! This dropship will drop off it's 8 soldiers and then fly away, giving the soldiers covering fire as it rises. It also has AA lasers to give players a little fun if they decide to finish off the transport in an aerial battle. Uses BF grade 3, GSO grade 4, and Ven grade 3. (no HE or GC)

Instructions for r&d save: Load in the save. In front of you will be two enemies. Pick one to attack and watch it's functionality. (you will likely die and have to reload save)


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Mar 20, 2019
hi again, i think this should work this time matt.
this R&D map have 3 techs in it for you to try,you might remember the biggest one ;) you start in a little tech that would be really fun if you try some races with it, on the ground and in the air.
the middle one i made to survive some attacks and do a lot of damage to the enemies, it also really fast and pretty good in campaign too, kinda exspensive though.
control the techs how you want, you can also have some fun painting them. And also, im really bad at naming techs... youll see.


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Jan 3, 2015
(R&D Save)
The Venture Pest Project
The Venture Corp finally got tired of being called pussies for zipping around with nimble techs and pestering slow turning behemoths. With some help from a few friends in the Hawkeye Corp, they developed this series of techs that would be soon known as "the pest of all pests".

Starting from the left, (The ones flipped over at the back are a few variants for visual effect)
1. The Venture Pest - regular plane controls with partial hovercraft functionality.
Press X to release and use rocket sparingly
2. Venture Pest Racer - A racing Hovercraft/Plane for maximum speed and fuel capacity.
Hold Shift and add in CTRL for boost
3. Venture Pest Final - A good balance of everything nice.
Same as above, and try to fly in from high, straight towards the target while firing.

Since these are so light, they either have enough fuel recharge speed to keep flying with the rockets, or have supplementary propellers. A few of these are fast enough to outrun any missiles, or at least get out of their range before they catch up.


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Jan 27, 2019
I present three new techs for this weeks ComCore, all of them are just adaptations from a franchise.

First up is the smallest craft, taken from Star Wars.
The Sand Skiff
Sand Skiff.png
This hover-craft is using what I have called the "Desert" reskin from Hawkeye, so it looks a bit more accurate to the real thing. Now you can explore those expansive deserts in style!

Uses standard hovercraft controls (Uses linear motion engines so keep that in mind)

Next is a repulsorcraft, which is again from Star Wars.
The TX-130T Fighter Tank
XT 130T Hover Tank.png
Fairly self explanatory. Just a good looking (in my opinion) hovercraft for you to go out and turn foes into scrap metal. Also decently agile and armed.

Uses standard hovercraft controls.

And finally, the biggest build for this week, taken from Halo
The M400 Artillery System
M400 Artillery.png
This one is the most complex of the three, being a turreted multi-tech. The main gun's range of rotation is very limited (like 20-30 degrees), but it has generous room for vertical adjustments. This is the M400, but lacking the grounding system from the actual vehicle (too impractical and bulky for this build)

Charge before using
Press X to deploy main gun.
Turret has it's own control scheme
*Turning: A/D
Lift (Down/Up): S/W
The Vehicle itself has standard car controls
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Feb 23, 2018
I've made use of some new parts and features to produce these fine techs. First, here's Fashion Victim:

Fashion Disaster.png

Fashion Victim is packed with new parts and former R&D parts, painted in a rainbow of delightful colours. It also handles pretty well.

Next up, we have the Air Monitor:

Air Monitor.png

The Air Monitor is an antigravity flying tech which makes use of the new rotors. It carries a huge number of missiles on its undercarriage for bombing runs and a plasma cutter on top for no particular reason. It must be charged; after that, set the upwardly power to 55 to take off, then keep it at about 50 to maintain a steady height.

Finally, here's a tech called Spear:


Spear is a bright red GSO hovercraft which is pretty good in a scrap. It can anchor itself to charge up; make sure it's charged one way or another before you try anything with the turret lane.


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Jun 29, 2017
3 pure Better Future enemy techs - please take a quick look around their design, no need to dwell (3rd is most fun to drive).

These all use the new Halo wheels and were part of build experiments to make the fairing plinthed blocks looks nice in the context of practical designs (that might challenge campaign players, if playing fair).

"Box Rover" - Packing the plasma cutters and FS lasers as efficiently as possible results in boxy designs like this. Contrast that with the smooth curves of the Large Straight Halo wheels, which blend perfectly into the curved blocks and batteries.

These wheels are almost incapable of turning on the spot (even with AG weight reduction). But once the tech has a little forwards momentum it turns a tight circle. Watch out, if it can get to close ranges, it's deadly!

ZG BF BoxRover1.png

"FS Laser Steps" - Deadly level 1 weapon spam on a fast and resilient wheel base, with nice smooth curved surfaces.

ZG BF FS LaserSteps.png

"Wheelie Wedge 1" - tends to tip back when accelerating fast. Fun. The slightly sloped forward design allows the smooth surface of Gatling Lasers to fire over the top of each other. A highly manoeuvrable and deadly enemy that will drain your shields fast.

ZG BF WheelieWedge 1.png

Saelem Black

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Aug 25, 2018
I am proud to present the Ancalagon War Train

Ancalagon War Train.png

The picture is just an example image. See the file for a creative save with the train fully assembled.

Standard Hovercraft controls; equipped with boost and anchors. For whatever reason, some cars randomly disconnect when loading the file. Make sure each car is properly connected to it's neighbor. It is pretty self explanatory, but look at the connections between the other cars if it's not clear.

Set the cars to Guard/Follow mode when you're ready to move out. The engine struggles on hills if the cars aren't set to guard/follow, however, on flat ground (salt flats) this is optional.

Very important: Anchor or idle all cars if you come to a stop. The "Follow" part of the AI will try to move the bound cars closer to the engine. This can topple cars off their hovers if left unattended too long, especially on uneven ground. Anchoring or idling the cars prevents this.

Do not try to anchor the Drone Carrier on uneven ground. The drone carrier car has anchors on each drone - if the car isn't completely level, the attempted anchor may bounce or contort the whole car, breaking the connection to its neighboring cars.

The .sav file comes with the Ancalagon completely uncharged. Don't enable enemies unless the train is well charged. This can be done (albeit slowly) simply by anchoring the Energy Tanker car (2nd car in the train). The Ancalagon is equipped to defend itself, but do not purposefully try to fight with it. It's a mobile base, not a combat tech. When set in guard/follow while unanchored, the cars will attempt to fight like a wheeled tech and strain at their links, sometimes breaking them in the attempt to fight the intruder. Best to keep traveling and let the tail deal with attackers.

The train comes with an engine and six different cars. In this picture they are:
1. Engine
2. Energy Tanker
3. Scrapper Car
4. Drone Carrier
5. Refinery
6. Factory
7. Cruise Missile Battery (tail)

Please see Saelem's Xenoforge thread for detailed descriptions on every car.

[Edited 4/9/2019 for newer versions of engine and cars]


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Dec 6, 2015
Long time no see, finally got my hands on the computer for a bit and whipped out a little something.

Dart Orbital Striker:
Dart Orbital Striker.png

Intended for striking at long ranges from high altitudes, when no control is input it will automatically straighten itself, rather manoeuvrable but has no shielding or repairing.
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