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Oct 14, 2017
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The Orion XI Super-heavy Battletank
A massive tank made to dish out damage, but more importantly, take it. The successor to my first attempt at a turreted tank, the Orion XI comes with a fully functional tank turret, capable of a full 360 degrees of rotation and a generous 50 degrees of vertical adjustments. The barrel has very little sway when properly charged, and little recoil when fired. Also comes equipped with an automated, defensive missile battery to help take care of swifter or airborne foes.

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Charge at least up to 2.5 bars of energy before pressing X
Press X to deploy turrets
Turret comes with own controls scheme:
D/A: Turn Barrel
W/S: Lower/Raise Barrel

Tank uses generic Car Controls
Dats an artillery turret
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Jun 29, 2017
Got a couple of spare builds sitting around that might be good as enemy techs:

"BF HoverBike L1" - A pure Better Future hover bike. With both "Yaw" (turning) and "Roll" on [A] & [D] it leans a little into turns, so it's moderately fun to drive around. 153mph top speed with boosters. Reasonable firepower for hit and run attacks, maybe, but this is built mostly for aesthetics. No on-board charging systems. 1.0.3 version here on the workshop.

ZG BF HoverBike 1e.png

"VTLA-A_TMH" (AKA: HE HeliTank) - a funny little twin blade style tank, which I started building as a dual flight-mode transformer, but wasn't viable in horizontal flight mode. Here on workshop.


It's lift is balanced with throttle at 100% [PgUp]+[PgDow], so use the boosters [Shift] to get headed up and off, while holding backwards {S}, to stop from tipping forwards.

WASD for turning and forwards/back in-air, plus roll on [Q]+[E], no gyro stabilisation. Handles fine on the ground.

Play video:

Based on this Deviant art by KaranaK:
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Oct 25, 2018
Hi there ! I'm presenting to you my new "Nebula" anti-gravity fighter (compact and nice) I think that you need to lear the control scheme before using it. There are also some little rules or things to know on this craft :
- Charge the tech before using it
- There are boosters on it, make sure to use them. Also press the "vertical up" button when using them in order to avoid loosing altitude too quickly
- There is a sky anchor option on this craft to charge the tech
- You can deactivate anti-gravity modules or bubbles with the blocks on the tech's roof
- When fighting with it, make sure to be at a sufficent altitude so the enemies can't hit you even if you can take a good amount of hits thanks to its good energy capacity
- The tech will stop faster after going vertically up or vertically down when you let the airbrakes work


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Oct 8, 2016
Here's a large ship, the Blunderbuss


W = Forward || A = Turn Left
S = Backward || D = Turn Right

Space = Propellers only
Up Arrow = Lift Up
Down Arrow = Sink Down

To launch missiles:
  1. Press X to release silo doors
  2. Control each individual doors and hold "Up Arrow key"
  3. Remove the GSO blocks and GeoCorp Cross Bumper blocks inside the silos to release missiles
  4. Control the missiles and hold Ctrl + Shift to Launch

LKSS Blunderbuss.png
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