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Nov 5, 2015
Which are as follows. All modes work in Aeroplane if you use your ion drives for thrust. no NEED to change driving shemes. you can still switch them though.
The Darker Futures Rat Trike. it's fast and nimble and designed to charge in and cut and run. it's hover pad 'ears' keep it from tipping. Boosting makes it do a backflip to get behind enemies pursuing it.
 DF Rat.png
And the Darker Futures Mouse Hovercraft. it's plasma Flamers face downward so it can hover over and cook opponents. it is quite fast and can boost and is VERY maneuverable even at speed. it's phaser banks have been re-oriented for point defence rather than assault.
 BF Mouse.png
and finally the Darker Futures Bat Scout Fighter, a fast and maneuverable aircraft. in this mode, it's Plasma flamers are turned to scatter flamers for visual effect hold fire in flight for Scatter effect. uses it's Phaser banks for dogfighting and straifing dives.
 DF Bat.png

So 3 vastly different vehicles built off the same chassis. so when hot swapping between them, the CHassis would stay rendered as all it's blocks start and end in the same configuration. the other blocks that make up the wheels, hovers, boosters wings and weapons would detach and rearrange.

Actually give them a good look around in the showcase. they do look quite like the animals they are named for. this was not initially intentional but a result of having to store the same set list of blocks to allow different sets of movement parts to work together, wheels wings and hovers all interact with the environment and to some degree, with eachother. Normally i do this using swivels and other moving parts that we have in Modded play. 'Hot Swapping' allows me to do some of those tricks over on vanilla. no i cant make a Vanilla walker yet, but vastly multifunctional vehicles just became a lot more attainable.

SO. There you go. Once again, these may look Modded, but your games will load them in with normal textures.
BUT Mindl3ss Modding BOUNS!!! if you actually grab ^ those .PNG files for your tech library, the Immage used will be that one. so it will still appear as Darker Futures in you tech library.
Consider it a Promo, if the tech ever gets added to the game.
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Oct 25, 2018
Hi ! I'm going to submit a creative save to make my transformers easier to show in the "community core showcase". You will find in it 3 transformers that are exhibited on some plateforms with arrows between two techs in order to see what tech is transforming into what tech. For you Matt I fully charged in energy all the crafts. ;)
I'm also going to put all the six techs in two other posts (files limit) in order to show the transforming animations. See you. tonytony



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Jul 1, 2016
THE M.D. 125 Destharine V.G.F.

not exactly a transformer, but it is a VTOL.
Press control to fly up using the jets. Once the jets run out, use shift to fly it like a plane!
You may need to rebind the controls... propellors should be on leftshift and jets should be on control.
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