Community Core ShowCase #3

Discussion in 'Techs' started by reaperx1, May 22, 2018.

  1. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    since both III and II were used somewhere else by accident, i'm gonna have to replace those...:confused:
    (either that or only have 1 or 2 (if I only get one replacement) in the CCS)
  2. Galrex

    Galrex Well-Known Member

    Good Evening! I have three techs for my first post. Enjoy!

    1. Hawkeye Insurgent
    Average cruise speed: 40mph
    Top cruise speed: 66mph
    All Hawkeye blocks

    Hawkeye Insurgent.png

    2. Guerilla I
    Average cruise speed: 46mph
    Top cruise speed: 89mph
    All GSO blocks
    Guerilla I.png

    3. Vroombas I
    Average cruise speed: 84mph
    Top cruise speed: 129mph
    All Venture blocks

    Vroombas I.png
  3. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    That's another great turnout everyone! I'm really looking forward to trying out these techs!
    No more submissions for this showcase, but feel free to save them for the next one.
    Thanks for submitting all of these awesome builds :).
    Have a good one [8D)
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  4. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    Hello everyone!
    I present to you the first part of the third Community Core ShowCase!
    It was a ton of fun to be once again surrounded by some many cool techs and for that I thank everyone involved :).
    Check it out, I think you'll like what you see.

    Part 2 coming as soon as possible. Have a good one [8D)
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  5. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    That flat Venture jet is awesome, and so are the lifeboats.

    BTW, when wheels get stuck in the ground--Venture Titans/Monsters do this a lot--pop them off the tech and put them back on. That's the only reliable fix.
  6. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    uhh... @reaperx1 , I somehow ended up with the first two of mine in the Saturday showcase as well as here... by accident. bit of a mess for myself.
    Glad you still enjoyed them tho.

    The Overlord Landship though has filters for 4 kinds of resources to go into it's storage, also all components will go into the storage, it just got overloaded with how many resources it had to sell and was forced to stored some of the stuff that would normally been sold.
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  7. Khaine

    Khaine Member

    I'm jealous of that hawkeye tank's speed, my combat vehicle manouvers like a cement truck. Maybe having 24 megaton cannons isn't such a great idea...
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  8. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    Great video!
    Just two things: it's not BS, but B Five. I know the 5 might look like an S but just take some care when reading please

    Also about the BIS Gallant, it is not meant to work with the water mod

    Other than that everything was great!
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  9. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    It's all good! Sometimes I forget what techs I have tried already so it's all new to me again at that point ;).
    Have a good one [8D)
  10. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    24 megatons sounds like a good idea for survival, but you may need some extra boost for speed with that much weight on your tech.
    Have a good one [8D)
  11. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    I kind of thought that when reading it, but I went the other route with the name. Sorry about that, I wasn't saying your tech was BS just that I thought it was named that.
    BIS Gallant looks like an awesome candidate for the water mod though with all it boat like awesomeness!
    Those life boats were pretty cool to tour around in all by themselves.

    Have a good one [8D)
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  12. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    Those venture wheels messing up was pretty interesting. That was the first time I had seen wheels that would turn like that. I probably should have tried reattaching them at that point, but I wanted to see what would happen.
    Have a good one [8D)
  13. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    Hello again!
    Here is part 2 of the Community Core ShowCase #3.

    Have a good one [8D)

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