Community Core ShowCase #3

Discussion in 'Techs' started by reaperx1, May 22, 2018.

  1. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    Hello fellow Techologists!
    The deadline for this one will be June 3 so there is lots of time to get your techs in. The video will be posted the following Saturday.

    Each member can post up to three techs and make sure to add instructions if needed. Only snapshots or game saves will be accepted as I want all the techs to be seen on the thread. No links to steam will be allowed.

    Multi techs should be set up and submitted as a save and if you would like you can also add the snapshots.

    Snapshots or R&D saves are welcome as these will be shown in the R&D.
    I'll do my best to get everyone's techs in, but if there are too many I might have to leave some out.
    I would recommended numbering your techs 1, 2 , 3 in your posted submission so I know what one is most important to you to be shown.

    My submission is a tech built during my recent campaign play through and is called Speedy XL RX!.
    Speedy XL RX1.png
    Have a good one [8D)

    TTOTALMAXOUTT breaker of techs, games, and spines (my own)


    the full thing isnt here but it is an operational but simple base.
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  3. Zed

    Zed Well-Known Member

    For this third Community Core Showcase I've the following three Techs:

    The Hawkeye Albatross: A flying fortress; (Press S after holding shift to gain altitude, then fly; do *not* let it get past 60 mph when flying forward or it will eventually crash, spamming weapons fire will help slow its speed to a more comfortable 58)

    The Venture 199 is another wheel-less flier which can take off from most terrain but not from purely flat terrain; once airborne as the name suggests it flies comfortably at 199mph

    The Hawkeye Gunship mk2 is a medium duty ground-assault helicopter with similar flight controls / specifications to the Hawkeye Albatross. (using S+A/D to recover / gain altitude if its speed exceeds 70mph) Use Shift to take off and then space to generate forward momentum

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  4. NovaLegion

    NovaLegion Jamie's best friend

    Legion army will be ready.

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  5. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    I got three
    II and III somehow ended up in the Saturday Showcase by accident (oops)

    III. Armageddon

    II. Hawkeye A5343 (Light/Medium Tank), Build in campaign, Recharging (anchor), AI support
    Hawkeye A5345.png

    in the top right corner you can see Death, my main.
    then I replaced it... with this.
    I. Overlord Landship (idk what this would be classified as...pls help?), New main, Built in campaign, Recharging (anchor), AI support
    There's a Hawkeye anchor under it to allow it to anchor, you can move it from that spot to somewhere else on the bottom of the tech if you need to (eg. allowing it to go at maximum speed on non flat terrain) but, you wont be able to anchor it until you put the anchor where it was.
    (the game also only anchors it via build beam and if the land near the anchor is flat, but may still have issues anchoring)
    View attachment 22303
    oh dear

    this is an updated version from my tech page btw
    it won't show the updated screenshot for some reason, it only shows the link to the .png file

    (the attached file one is the first one)

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  6. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    Have some techs to have fun with:
    Beetle.png B5.png BIS Gallant.png
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  7. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    Do you take joke builds? Cuz this right here is a joke build, but it's fun to drive.

    Instructions: Stay out of forest and pillars biomes.

  8. Aardvark123

    Aardvark123 Well-Known Member

    Here is "Stand Fast and True", a sniping tech which can just about be used as a rammer. While totally functional for light combat duties, it is definitely more "fun" than "ctional". Just try doing some sharp turns; no matter how hard its side grinds against the ground and the propeller shatters its blades on the rocks, Stand Fast and True will spring right back up and zoom away!

    Stand Fast and True.png
  9. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    As long as they are funny we will show them ;). Have a good one [8D)
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  10. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} [REDACTED]

    Can't you replace that snapshot with a newer snapshot that has the megaton facing the right direction?
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  11. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

  12. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    Rock on. If it should be cleaned up and look professional like, let me know. Right now it's just a big, bouncy vehicle with a mishmash of Hawthat can go full speed through most terrain. I tried to keep the thrust so you can catch big air but you can't 'fly' forever using the boosters (unless you move the spoilers back a bit.)
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  13. alaula

    alaula Member

    I wanted to put bearings into action and I made a monorail using them. It didn't realy work out..
    Anyways here's my highly unstable monorail build: Untitled.png

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  14. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    Cool! Have a good one [8D)
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  15. TubaAssassin

    TubaAssassin Well-Known Member

    It's been a long time since I've played the game, and a lot of stuff has been added since I was last on. I wanted to try my hand at building techs with *Mostly* Hawkeye blocks, and the results are down below

    The first tech was me rebuilding the old Fowltec Jaybird, using Hawkeye as the base.

    Mk 2 is simply a larger version of that tech.

    And finally, "Lil' Rumbler" here is the latest thing I've built. It's designed to harass techs and draw their fire, rather than being a full-on damage dealer. This tech performs best when in a group, like the "Bully" missions.

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  16. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

    i like the style of the rumbler, tis vere interesting. i like how you has nothing under some of the parts, ima try that in some of my CC builds
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  17. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

    Wraptrain cab.png (cab) Wraptrain Segment.png (segment)
    1) pop in one cab and any amount of segments (preferably 3)
    2) hook them together by anchoring them
    3) place the hovers on the GC brackets(for speed)
    4) press x on all the segemnts(weapons and wheels are seperate techs, to allow passive wheel rolling)
    5) unanchor all techs in order, starting from the cab

    Compact Bomber.png #3 is just good. use it on stuff.
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  18. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

    SUPREM tm DOOR.png
    SUPREM tm WAREHOUSE.png Stick the door in the frame and hook the bearings together. you can use the in-door conveyor to easily and speedily opre/close the door. idk why it re-closes by itself, i assume it interacts with the other tech #2
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  19. Falchoin

    Falchoin Member

    My current 3 favorite techs I've made to date.

    Razorback V2.png
    Razorback: Medium sized hover glitch tech showcasing how I would want the hoverplates to work naturally. It's very "light" for its size and would make a good endgame campaign craft.

    Cricket: Heavy armor jump scout tech. It's capable of short term flight to get across otherwise unpassable terrain.

    Marauder: General utility tech. It harvests, brings blocks back to base, and can defend itself fairly well.
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  20. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    A large, twin bldeed helicopter.


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