Community Block Suggestions Poll : Wings

Which wing blocks would you like to see in TerraTech?

  • GSO Diagonal Wing

    Votes: 19 25.3%
  • VEN Forward Swept Wing

    Votes: 23 30.7%
  • HE Delta Wing

    Votes: 33 44.0%

  • Total voters
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Nov 21, 2017
These look really slick. However, like @Wassaup , I was also hoping for a more aggressive wing angle. I suspect that a great many players will align this 90 degrees to go for the more aggressive angle instead of using them as intended. Could I request a slight alteration? Add an attachment point per the image below so we can use the steeper angle more easily. Alternatively, would you consider a 3x3 block with a sharper angle?

View attachment 30513

As a point of reference, these wings have about a 33 degree angle (from left/right) which is still about what most commercial airliners are. Most modern fighter jets have a 45+ degree angle. Much steeper.
Actually, I quite like this shape as it resembles something like the B2 Bomber. However, the B2 is massive and this is not. If I wanted to make a plane that large, these wings would be more like rudders. I think that this shape makes a perfect rudder, but not a main wing. Then again, you'd be able to stack them elegantly, though the holes in the wings is kinda killing it for me.