Colourful Biome


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May 6, 2016
Hey everyone :)
We got quite a diversity of Biomes in TT, but there is no really beatigul Biome yet. Every Biome consists of just one main Colour: Green, Yellow, Red, White or Blue

But why not a Biome like a rainforest with many different Colours?
I could imagine a plateau (or two) sourrounded by the desert or salt flat. The cliffs have a pretty dark colour, but on top of the plateau there is a green ground colour with many different coloured 3d flowers (their leaves are so big that you can hide with a GSO Cab under them, but they don't have a hitbox). Also, there are big trees with much HP so you're better off just driving under them instead of destroying them. The trees have different coloured leaves.
So it should look so good that you just want to settle there

Besides the wood, there are no ressources and no enemies (the plateau is not that big and the enemies still spawn around you)

Pink Kitty

I'm thinking 2 colour themes might be good. Any more than that and you're just making a mess.