Code Mods Migration - USER ACTION NEEDED


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Jul 9, 2016
All non-broken/abandoned code mods have migrated one of their core dependencies (Harmony 1.0.9 -> 2.1.0)

As such, all of them will break, and not work properly unless you take these steps:

  1. Make sure TerraTech is closed (is not running)
  2. Open up TTMM
  3. Go to the File tab
  4. Click "Remove Patch"
  5. Click "Download Latest Patcher"
  6. Click "Install Patch"
  7. Click "Download All Mod Updates"

If you have installed TTMM AFTER the migration (2021-07-15), then you do not need to do anything, and TTMM will work fine as-is

Edit: There's currently an issue where the patcher doesn't work properly. I've attached a hotfix to this post pending an update to TTMM.

Hotfix Instructions:

  1. Make sure both TT and TTMM are closed
  2. Unzip the attached in your TerraTech Managed Data directory
  3. Make sure that QModInstaller.dll, QModManager.exe, Mono.Cecil, etc. are all in that directory.
    The directory should be located near:

  4. Start up TTMM, proceed as normal
You should see this when you restart TTMM:
TTMM2. If you see a bunch of Here lines before QModManager installed successfully, that's fine.

TTMM-GTK. Note - as TTMM-GTK lacks a log window option, the success message will be overwritten on launch. Please:
- Click on File -> Remove Patch
- Click on file -> Install Patch

After that, if you see QModManager installed successfully again, then you are good to go


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