Co-op Inconsistencies


That one over-serious pvp guy
Dec 18, 2019
With the release of LK on the steam workshop, I've begun to notice much more about just how unreliable official mods actually are, especially in our infamously-unstable-in-the-first-place co-op mode (specifically creative for now).
Yeah I'm just gonna dump observations here.

(Host will (almost) always have consistent performance with Official Mods. Situations where Host does not have Nuterra Steam when required will not be accounted for)
(While conditionals all have the Guest in a situation where they Do not Have: Official Mods, it's still entirely possible for the listed issues to appear do to co-op inconsistency)
When: Host Has: Official Mods (blocks) And: Guest Does not Have: Official Mods (blocks) ;
All is good
When: Host Has: Official Mods (skins) And: Guest Does not Have: Official Mods (skins) ;
Guest may not automatically download the mod correctly, leading to some or even all of the skins not loading at all, having no visual appearance when applied to those who do have it loaded. In this case, the skins that do not load will not appear in the skins menu. Switching or deploying a tech that uses the skin will appear with either vanilla or scrambled (id swap) skins. Unknown if host can see original skins.
When: Host Has: Official Mods (blocks) [reliant on Nuterra steam] And: Guest Does not Have: Official Mods (blocks) [reliant on Nuterra Steam] nor Nuterra Steam ;
ok wow formatting is tough
Multiple situations are possible. In the case that the blocks download but not Nuterra Steam, the host and other guests that have them working properly will appear invisible. Their techs will appear on the tech manager menu (and will bug reporter players that try to snapshot them) and can be sent to the inventory like any deployed tech, effectively destroying both the tech and player, ending with them disappearing, freezing on death camera for a moment, and eventually respawning as if they had just died. You can attempt to fight back to a fully modded player, but its very difficult and unknown to be feasible as a whole.
Blocks may or may not appear in the inventory, but if they do, they'll appear without icons, models, or basically anything. This is given that the custom corp icon appears at all, which it might not.
In the case that the blocks have not downloaded but Nuterra Steam has, it is undiscernable if there's any difference from the condition where the blocks wouldn't load at all, leading to a similar scenario as above.
When: Host Has: Official Mods (blocks) [reliant on Nuterra steam] And: Guest Has: Official Mods (blocks) [reliant on Nuterra steam] Without: Nuterra Steam ;
Scenarios are identical do the above mentioned, as the downloader is that inconsistent. Even when you do have the mod, there's still the possibility of it simply not loading because it tries to redownload it or something, idk, co-op is weird and inconsistent. (This lack of guarantee of functionality despite having what is required downloaded appears for all scenarios, covering what would be the next one(s) and skin scenarios).

At this point, every point of where something can go wrong has practically been said. The short sum-up is that co-op doesn't care if you are or aren't subscribed to a mod and its dependencies, it can still just not work. The issues range from missing blocks, missing skins, missing models/icons/colliders/everything-in-the-mod, missing custom corp icon, and probably a few more. While rejoining/restarting/subbing to items might work, there's no guarantee, except if you're the host.

I've probably missed something, but at least I'm putting down what I have observed from co-op.