Co-op Campaign issues


Nov 10, 2019
I am sure there are lots of things in the works for this game mode, but there really needs to be an emphasis on some quality of life changes for this game mode.
First off, harvesting resources and selling via Mobile Delivery Cannons is extremely tedious as you tend to make very little money. I have made techs that clear entire swaths of forests and mining nodes in no time, but the pitiful amount of money makes it so there isn't an effective way to harvest productively.
The only decent way to make money in this mode is to sell blocks from fallen enemies...

I am okay with those things given crafting might be coming to Co-op Campaign, but until that happens there are a couple of things that really should be looked at

The trading stations are the ONLY way to sell blocks from enemies...
The trading stations have this area where you can set a block on the ground in that are and then the block will activate, sling into the air at Mach 3 for a split second then takes about 5-8 seconds to tractor beam in to get sold...
That sling thing is so annoying, you put a few blocks down and one block will launch the others way up into the air and then you have to go grab the blocks again I have literally had blocks get launch out of sight before... and this happens consistently. It will make you will sell even slower, but even if you take the time to set several blocks down apart from each other one block will still fling the others away sometimes.
I created a dome with a chute at the time to help so I could sell more than 2 items at a time and it's still a nightmare blocks are constantly trying to fly out of the "chute" I made to dump blocks down

None of this touches on the issue where so many trading post are on hills or cliffs so those are effectively useless to try and sell at. Blocks will slide away before it can be "activated" to be picked up by the tractor beam.

I think there are a few possible solutions to this issue.

Change the shape of trading stations and add in a bowl type structure that is ideally at least 2 times larger than the current area to set blocks down to be sold... (as it is right now the bigger blocks do not fit well when trying to sell). This will make trading stations on cliffs or the sides of hills still be useful.

I don't know how easy or hard this would be, but if the flinging at light speed is required to make the trading station work, can the blocks that are in the "bowl" not have physics? or however you make it so the block will go through other blocks instead of knocking them away
Depending on the bowl's shape this may not be needed

The blocks start to glow, then get lifted up, then slowly move toward to the structure then get taken in. I assume all of this is to give the player a change to grab a block if they change their mind on selling it.
I don't mind that mechanic for that purpose, but it is very annoying when you are in Co-op Campaign and it takes 10+ mins to sell items so slowly due to the way this has been implemented.

The dome structure I made barely helps, and would like to see a change to streamline selling blocks in co-op campaign
Below is one of the structures I have made to drop blocks into to sell20191110144823_1.jpg20191110144644_1.jpg


Nov 10, 2019
Something else I have noticed in this same category of making money on Co-op Campaign
We have Mobile Delivery Cannons, and resource collectors in Co-op Campaign. You attach the Cannon to the side of the collector and it starts to pull and launch the resource to be sold.

one problem with this process is that the venture, and hawkeye collectors are thin and do not have an attachment point on their sides

In the following pictures I quickly places all the Mobile cannons next to all the types of resource collectors and the hawkeye and venture collectors do not start the process to sell the blocks.
I tried putting the collectors on the side of the cannons and this didn't start the delivery cannons either, and this would not have been an idea solution anyways.

As a last little test I put the hawkeye collector next to the hawkeye anchored cannon (as there is not a mobile cannon for hawkeye that I have seen yet) and it still doesn't sell the resource.

I am wondering if this can be changed?

Since I assume conveyor belts along with crafting and etc won't be in Co-op Campaign for a while, but maybe we can get the mobile furnace generator my plan was to use the hawkeye or venture collectors to power the furnace and be able to sell on the fly and with this set up I can run this on relatively medium to smaller techs.

Can a side attachment point be added to the "Hawkeye Pack Collector", and "Venture Collector" blocks?
or if it is easier allow Delivery cannons detect those collectors in the current state where they do not have the side attachment points