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Aug 21, 2017
The stars and beond.
Clan: Smaller than a kingdom, better than a cult. These are fairly disorganized, and accept almost everyone.

ROUGE clan: a special type of clan. They usually don't have more than 2 alliances. They are somewhat nomadic, but sometimes send up to a year in one place. You have to go through a more... exlusive... selecting progress that those clans. They particularly dislike most clans except for fellow Rouge clans, Ranger clans, and Stealth clans, the next 2 types.

RANGER clan: These clans specialize in scouting, repetitive attacks, and rocket-power. Not much info n them, as they are very reserved. Most will give you three word scentences if they can. They are very polite and passive.

Stealth clan: These guys aren't as fast as the rangers, But they have better armor and stealth. They specialize in planes, and complex macines. They are a little less offesive than the Rouge clan.

Nomid clan: These guys are 100% nomadic. They do not become allies, but can refuse service to other cults, kingdoms, and clans. They are very similar to ancient-earth merchants. Tend to be close buisness partners with the next clan though: Roker clans.

Roker clan: Essentially a mining company. Not much else to know, other than usually being buisness partners with nomid clans.
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May 20, 2017
Has potential, but keep in mind that some people prefer to keep their roleplaying lives intact.
The first of these "Clans" that were released seems pretty harsh and it may be unlikely that others may join because it is very intimidating with the ruleset.
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Jan 15, 2017
Not kingdom types. CLANS. And, these are a whole different thing. How would reading the only 2 kingdom threads that i havent read yet help me?
A whole different thing when they are limited to what thier class can do?
Also your clan just gave a bad reputation to clans in general
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