"Challenges" for those who dare get bored.


Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
Alrighty lets get this list started!
  1. ONLY use techs within certain dimensions(for example no techs bigger than 20x10x15, or perhaps only techs larger than that).
  2. Stick to one corporation throughout your playthrough.
  3. Limit yourself to one type of weapon.
  4. ALTERNATIVE: Limit yourself to one weapon type.
  5. ALTERNATIVE: Limit yourself to one corporation's weapons.(Separate from #2)
  6. ALTERNATIVE: Limit yourself to one projectile type.
  7. Don't use shield/repair bubbles.
  8. Never buy a single thing, instead get all your blocks from crafting.
  9. ALTERNATIVE: Never buy a single thing, instead get all your blocks from fighting.
  10. Stick to one type of vehicle.(Like a brawler or artillery)
  11. You can only have # of _____ on a tech.(Wheels, weapons, blocks, etc)
  12. Your techs can cost no more/less than # BB.
  13. All your firepower must come from multi-techs.
  14. You yourself are simply a small harvester drone, you can only kill enemies by luring them towards other enemies or your turrets/guards.
  15. All you could ever need is all in one mobile tech.
  16. After "finishing" the campaign, build up a sprawling base that stretches very far, an industrial metropolis that farms every resource it can, to build its wealth and build itself.
  17. ALTERNATIVE: Build a sprawling base that is autonomously creating the parts to build a certain tech.
  18. Design something purely decorative, that doesn't really have a purpose, and just looks nice; a little project to reduce stress, waste time, and perhaps make your world a bit prettier.
  19. Find a build on the workshop or the forums and try and recreate it.
  20. Use stuff the way it's not supposed to be used.(Upside down wheels, curved blocks instead of wheels, giant multi-tech wheels propelled by the hover bug, etc)
  21. Find ridiculously stupid ways to do really simple tasks.
  22. Think of ridiculously stupid tasks.
  23. Create useless stuff.
  24. Fight every, single, battle by ramming the other vehicle.
  25. Using the magic of multi-techs, make a battery brick of a turret, which only uses cab lasers to attack. See if you can kill something with it :~)
  26. Crash your game.(Without using software, or any other cheats ya'll think you can get away with)
  27. Find a legit bug and then report it so badly Payload thinks you're lying.(I take no responsibility if you actually do this)
  28. You can only transfer power from techs by moving batteries between the techs.
  29. Come up with a 30th "Challenge"
Feel free to add/suggest your own!
They will (probably) be added to the list.
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