Center of mass display

Saelem Black

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Aug 25, 2018
I'd really love to see a function added (maybe a toggle-able setting) which shows a dot at the center of mass of your tech. My thinking is this would display only while the build beam was active. This would be such a huge help for designing an airship, because you'll be able to see the point at which you need to balance your thrust and lift around.

As a follow-on, I'd like to see vectors arrows (perhaps similar to the thrust axes that appears with rotors and LEs) which depict the total thrust vector and total lift vector of the tech. Probably also display only while the build beam is on. This would be for the same purpose, and would allow us as players to be able to control how we design a tech's handling as well as physical shape.

What are your thoughts?