Carrier build suggestions


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Jun 16, 2020
Small suggestions for multi tech builds.

BF 2 point implosion bolt.

info: an explosive bolt that is the same size as the GSO bolt, the diffrence being it does no damage when it disconnects instead imploding. This comes at a cost as it destroys the blocks it is connected to on both sides so don't connect it to anything important.

RR printing bolt
Info: an explosive bolt that doesn't explode, instead upon activation it will "download" the tech connected to it, if no tech is connected to it nothing happens. Once it has a download pressing the explosive bolt button will deploy the sub tech pressing it again will cause it to go into storage.

Remote battery
info: the strangest thing RR has made, comes in 2 parts the battery which is GC sized but with slightly less power, and the sub charge. The sub charge is a 1x1x1 block that has power so long as it is in X range of a wireless battery. this means a sub tech to a large one can have shields with out needing to put batteries on them, but comes at a cost they can't leave X range of the main tech.

Hover pad
info: a 4x4 flat pad that hovers "anchor" to using advanced tech, works on hovers and heli copters. When set up it allows a carrier to have sub fliers, anything anchored via this will count as part of it for invasion.
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