Can You get EXP blocks on mac or have to turn them on somehow?

Discussion in 'Community Help, Questions and Guides' started by FreshBathtub226, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. FreshBathtub226

    FreshBathtub226 New Member

    I've been playing in this campaign world for a while now, and I have not found a single EXP block, and the section in the inventory does not apear, can I fix this?
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  2. Galrex

    Galrex Possibilist

    One way you can find the EXP blocks in campaign is by going to any nearby Trading Station and purchase them. The other way is through opening reward crates from accomplishing missions.
    I think you need to have at least one EXP block in your inventory.
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  3. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    Do you have the R&D pack? If you have not purchased it you can't use R&D blocks.
  4. Galrex

    Galrex Possibilist


    Yup, he's technically right!
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  5. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    If never you have the R&D pack but don't see EXP block in game, right clic the game in your steam game list then "property" , then DLC tab , and check if the "TerraTech R&D Pack" is checked (if not , check it).

    Like that :
  6. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero 4D Cube

    You can get exp blocks on Mac
    I would know, considering I play TT on it. :)
    Just stop
    Super Lies
    You're lying...

    You do indeed need an EXP block in your inventory for anything to show in the build menu, as @Galrex said.
    Considering how long it takes for most players(not including these crazies who can get max grade on all corps in about 10 hours) to get an SCU, you may have actually gotten EXP blocks from missions, but never collected them.
    Speaking of such, what grade/level are your corporations at?
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  7. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    You have the R&D pack though, that Beta Deluxe image under you avatar means you would have access to EXP blocks.
    Clearly only in the games that you two play. I have R&D & thus access to EXP blocks and the tab for EXP blocks is always there whether I have collected an EXP block yet or not.
  8. NotExactlyHero

    NotExactlyHero 4D Cube

    Fine, you're right
  9. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Well there is always a first time for everything... ;)

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