Can we get "people" decor blocks?


A merc who loves blowing up large targets.
Jun 16, 2020
Been playing around with the nova mod and well.

I sort of wish this type of thing was in vanilla, 2 block tall "people" there could be ones designed to represent each corp like lab techs for RR, construction workers for GEO, Suited people for BF, and soldiers like this for HE.

These tech people would be in lore Recon suit androids, for now they would just be decor and for HE independent AI turrets (will fire even if the tech doesn't have an AI allowing for you to have a static defense on a mobile tech.)

Later on when legs are added, they could be a simple "infantry" type tech that can be deployed via other means, having walking legs and a single weapon for the HE ones. These techs will move around shooting hostiles and act as guards.

Would be fun to make a troop carrier using explosive bolts or some none destructive connector that opens the back and deploys a squad of HE soldiers armed with MGs and blasters.