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    I would never have guessed it either, don't feel too dumb :)
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    No. stuff still has to be unlocked. But you can make stuff before you can buy it. However, the component factory is so low level that you can make it at any point.
    Example: try building a megaton, as soon as you get a fabber. Does not even show.
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    Yes, but still only blocks within the licence level you have unlocked (as @Deutsche Würfel says). So you can't make a Component Factory at GSO level 2 right after getting a Fabricator from Crafty Business II. But grinding XP from other missions suddenly opens up the Fabricator menu when you level up.

    Think of XP as earning the trust of the corporations to use their increasingly hi-tech IP (intellectual property). Which means that Fabricators have depressingly unbreakable DRM locks...:(

    When naughty invaders drop with blocks beyond your current level, that also unlocks them (if you put them in your inventory). That sequence breaking has been annoying me a little in my current playthrough, since getting even one GSO missile launcher makes all other weapons irrelevant for the next 2 levels. You still can't craft more, because they require a level 3 component dongle for Exotic components, but if you get GSO 5 blocks, for example, they have no components in them. (But I don't want to use them in my YouTube campaign because I want it to be a general purpose guide...)

    Well, you have some inspiration for # 17 now...;)

    I don't see any YouTubers using this ability, still. (I talked Gaming Authority into it, for example.) Hence my next video (I'm now editing) is on this topic, fittingly.
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    Right, this is something I've never really looked into much, though. I mean, I don't hold much stock in scrapping blocks to fill Silo arrays with Components: In theory, the ingredients for every block can be taken from other different blocks. But Seed AIs are only found in missiles (or even rarer mobile delivery canons, mobile SCUs, etc), so to make the vaunted Cruise missiles, you'd have to scrap twice as many missiles of a different type (they have 2 seed AI, hence their cost).

    But if there are actually a bunch of common blocks, that you don't want, which scrap for the components of a Seed AI, then you might make a scrapping/hybrid base with a single (?) Component Factory, which can make useful blocks you want, without scrapping things you'd rather keep... (But probably still needs very detailed usage instructions compared to just making everything from base resources.)
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    The whole level locked, level X on items flew right over my head.. Just kept killing GSOs and watching the reputation levels go up and finding new parts to play with. Crafty Mike was always one or two steps behind for me when it came to offering up new parts.
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    Yeah, "one or two steps..." (and I'd been fast tracking his mission chain too):


    To be fair, the pacing was fine in my first playthrough (when I didn't use crafting at all because it was too broken for me to figure it out alone).

    Oops, apologies for going off thread topic...:oops:
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    Seed AIs are tough since there aren't any commonly found items that are based on Erudite. Maybe Hawkeye AC + Hawkeye fuel cell to get most of what you need, but neither are super common drops. Besides, no sane individual would want to scrap an Autocannon anyways. :D

    That's not a problem in any thread I make. :)
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    So I noticed that you posted this tech else again, or something very like it. Is the collecter->4 silos your concept? I'm definitely going to use that in the future.
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    I'm sorry I don't remember if/where I got the idea from (probably osmosed into my brain from somewhere...). But you can credit me if that's where you first saw it.;)
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