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    This will be a series of posts aimed at relative newcomers to crafting. The idea is to build items in multiples of 8 or 24 quickly, with no lag like big bases and no 'confusion' that conveyor loop systems can encounter. The caveat is that it takes a little more work than clicking "Craft this item" and waiting.

    To start, let's look at what it takes to make a Gluon Beam, one of the most complex components in the game:


    Seven steps total. The thing to note here is that components always follow the same patterns.

    Tier 0 or 'Simple' components need two resources (or 'chunks') of one type, and one chunk of a different type. For example, Fibre plating is 2 fibron and 1 rubber combined. No dongle is needed in the CF to craft these.

    Tier 1 or 'Advanced' components require a Tier 0 component, plus one or more chunks of a specific type. The CF needs a Tier 1 dongle.

    Tier 2 or 'Complex' components need one Tier 1 component and one Tier 0 component to craft, and the CF needs--you guessed it, a Tier 2 dongle.

    Finally, Tier 3 or 'Exotic' components are made from a Tier 2 component and a Tier 1 component, and the CF needs a Tier 3 dongle.

    Since everything's crafted in a standard manner it makes it easy to craft different things in the same factory without needing to use a complex system of conveyors and silos.

    It also makes recursion possible--this simple setup can theoretically be used to craft the most complex items in the game:


    This is a good setup to use early on, possibly with 2x2 GSO silos if you haven't seen a 3x3 silo yet. With the Tier 1 dongle that drops as a reward after completing a Crafty Business mission, you can make every GSO manufacturing resource in the game. However, you probably won't have a GSO scrapper yet and will need to gather resources in collectors and silos and transport them on your tech. Inconvenient! I tend to mine/harvest resources, create resource blocks, then start manufacturing once a GSO scrapper drops.

    The caveat with this simple setup is a bug in the game that happens when a CF (or scrapper, or refinery) outputs directly to a silo. When the silo becomes full to a certain point (8 layers - 1 item,) eventually the items will start dropping to the ground. A 2x2 silo can only hold 31 items (4 * 8 - 1) and the 3x3 silo has a limit of 71 items (9 * 8 - 1).

    You can work around this by outputting items to a conveyor or filter:


    The workaround I am using in this series is to never fill a silo directly from a CF more than 48 pieces high, so there will never be any spillage.

    Bulk crafting of items can be done in multiples of 8 using Venture scrappers, but those tend to be kind of hard to come by early in the game and are initially dependent on the RNG giving you one in a mission drop. On the other hand, GSO fab equipment is directly awarded as part of the Crafty Mike missions so you can get them relatively early in the game.

    Making things in batches of 72 (Hawkeye scrappers) or 128 (GC scrappers) is inadvisable because of the silo bug, lack of silo space, and you probably won't need that many of an item to begin with.

    Next up is the fabrication base.
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    We'll start by making 24 Hawkeye Seeker Missile Pods, which require at least one of every component tier.

    Snapshot of the base:

    tutorial fab.png

    Here's the base with some commentary:


    And finally, here's the base with the fab and scrappers attached. The Hawkeye fab is already set to create Seekers on repeat so you can see what items are needed to craft one Seeker Pod.


    You can hover over each item the fabricator needs to see how each component is made. In total, a Seeker Missile Pod needs: 1 Seed AI, 1 Thermo Jet, 1 Ion Pulse Cell, 2 Fuel Injectors and 1 Titanic Alloy.

    It doesn't matter in which order these are crafted as long as you remember the golden rule of crafting:

    Reset your filters and cancel crafting in the CFs after making each component.

    I'll go more in detail later, but it's quite easy to forget to cancel a CF job and have it suck in a resource you meant to use for something else.

    Next up: Making the Seed AI
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    Hover the cursor over the Seed AI icon on the Hawkeye fab and it will show you that you need a Coffman Cell and a Mother Brain to craft it. Making this will take several steps.

    First, set the Tier 2/3 CF to craft Coffman Cells on repeat. It will display the items it needs: an Ion Pulse Cell and a Sensory Transmitter. Set one of the Tier 0/1 CFs to produce a Sensory Transmitter.

    The Ion Pulse Cell will take a couple of steps to make. First you need to make Acid Electrodes, so set the other Tier 0/1 CF to produce them, then load up the scrappers with the required materials. It should look like this:


    I use the GSO Pacemaker to pause everything so the resource blocks can be shown. Set the Pacemaker to turbo speed and let it run. Once it's finished it will look like this:


    Now is a good time to cancel the jobs on the Tier 0/1 CFs only. You can see in the above pic that the Tier 2/3 CF has already sucked in one of the Sensory Transmitters, so don't cancel that job!

    Then set the CF next to the Acid Electrodes to make Ion Pulse cells, and drop a couple of Rodius blocks into the scrappers, like so:


    Oops, I didn't cancel the job for the Sensory Transmitters, did I? No harm no foul, but once in a while in bites me and I wind up making 23 things instead of 24.

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    Let things run and voila! Coffman cells.


    Now we need to make Mother Brains. Mother Brains are made from Sensory Transmitters and an Erudite chunk. I guess I could have left that Sensory Transmitter job run since we need more of them.

    First, make more Sensory Transmitters.


    Then comes the Mother Brains.


    Now things are going to start happening.

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    The Mother Brains are the final component for the Seed AI, so when everything finishes running you're left with a bunch of them. Notice the fab has sucked one of them in in the pic below.

    Next step are Thermo Jets.


    We need Cyclone Jets (Tier 1) and Hard Light Drives (Tier 0). The process is basically the same as creating the Coffman Cells from the earlier steps so I'm skipping some steps.

    First the Tier 0 components (Hard Light Drive and Fuel Injector) are made, then the Cyclone Jet can be created:


    Once that runs we have Thermo Jets! The fab has sucked one of those in, too.

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    Now there are only Tier 0/1 components left to create. We can make Ion Pulse Cells on one side, and Titanic Alloy on the other. But first, some filters need to be set. Since these won't need to be combined into higher tier components, we can send them directly to the output silos.

    Here's the fab prepped for the Tier 0 prerequisites (Acid Electrodes and Hardened Titanic) and the filters are set for the Tier 1 components:


    Hit the turbo and let it run, then set the CFs to create Ion Pulse Cells and Titanic Alloy:


    When the Tier 1 components are created they'll route through the filters to their respective output silos:


    Only one more step! You can see on the fab that the only thing left are 2x Fuel Injectors. I'll make one set on each side of the fab tech.
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    Here's the final step, prepped and ready to go. Note that the output filters were changed to pass through fuel injectors this time. Sorry about hovering over the GeoCorp "Are you compensating for something?" Block.


    Let things run and...


    All done!

    I make just about everything that needs components using a fab tech like this. The exceptions are Venture wheels since they need stupid amounts of materials, and I only need a few Titan/Monster Truck wheels over the course of the game. Or if I need onesey-twosey stuff I'll just buy them, but fabricating stuff is more fun so I try to avoid that.

    You can always attach more silos on the output side as a buffer or those items that need a lot of components--like, the Hawkeye Mk3 Battleship weapon needs 4x Plubonic Alloy, 4x Blast caps and 2x Z4 and Dervish gel. Plus a Gluon Beam! That's a lot of stuff to cram into 3 silos, but it can be done (run Blast Caps and Plubonic Alloy last, 24 of each at a time.)

    The last thing to talk about are a few of the filters on the tech:


    These are just conveniences to move components to different output silos. The top left filter isn't really needed, but you *could* move things back a step if you really wanted to.

    It seems like a lot of steps compared to a huge factory, but the lack of conveyors combined with the Pacemaker allow you to make a bunch of stuff quickly, and crafting in steps with full resource blocks makes the math trivial. (Just remember to cancel jobs in between steps!) Need 24 Hawkeye repair bubbles? Piece of cake. 24 Railguns? Simple.

    Happy crafting!
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    First off, Kudos for the work you put in. And love the compact design :)

    Not really my cup of tea though, I prefer either a) a large base with A to B to C to final product due to versatility in quantity produced and less scrapper management (one scrapper per ore) or b) a very specific, compact base to make specific things very quickly.

    In both scenarios I don't have to worry about recoding filters or changing the scrappers' diet every time a batch of components is done, so I don't have to come back and micromanage the base as much.
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    Understandable. I lean the opposite way because I move around a lot. Mine everything once, big time, then start station hopping and running missions to discover new pieces. The second some big ticket item is available, make a batch of it, then move on.

    edit: I forgot to mention: Post pics of your cool fab stuff. I love looking at what people do.
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  10. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    i have a base with two rinbgs. one above the other. Bottom ring has silos and refined resources. The top ring has a stackl of CF's. i just tell it to build stuff, and then go do stuff. It all appears in my SCU. not as fast, but way less hassle.
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    Nicely laid out visualisation/example. Would it be alright if I used this in my (Steam) crafting guide? And linked back here too?

    Oh cool, I hadn't realised there were hard and fast rules for component ingredients, like this. You checked through them all then, to be sure?:)

    Of course, the 4 tier supply chain is where the minimum requirement of 4 Component Factories comes from (to make any block). But the fixed algorithm of 'one different chunk from each of the two tiers below' means that 7 component factories should be able to make any tier 4 component in a single roll, so to speak... (My optimal craters use 8 per conveyor line and I saw little to no advantage using more, when there is only a short stretch back to a compact node silo resource buffer.)

    I'd been thinking about making one product factory designs to automatically output, say, just Cruise missiles or GC batteries, at the maximum rate possible. Minimising the cycle time, like playing Infinifactory. Using a lot of parallel lines feeding into one Fabricator, like a tree's roots. I'm wondering if each one, as well as being unique in design, would need to be set up manually (with CF orders), or if they could be designed such that the Crafting AI would use them correctly. (To be honest, I'm not interested enough to sink too much time into that before Crafting gets fixed, in case it changes a lot of little things - likely.)

    Same, but this time I made my own scrapper rather than waiting for the grind to unlock Crafty Mike mission 6.

    Perhaps this should be near the top of the guide...? Your system is very complex to follow, compared to just plonking down 4 CFs on a conveyor and clicking a block type. It's not obvious that it can have a lot higher throughput than most auto-crafting bases (the on-demand flexibility of good, standard bases is key too). As with all things, a video is worth a thousand pictures, etc.
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    Fine with me.

    I craft enough to know that they do. There's some underlying organization in addition to that but I didn't want to go too deeply into it.

    That's how I wound up with this method. :) I think it's possible as long as there's a direct conveyor line between fab -> CF -> silos. They'll even pull through filters (which can simplify adjacent, parallel conveyor lines) as long as the filter can pass the material. Using intermediate silos for buffers doesn't work very well unless the timing is perfect, and even then I think there would be a problem with the last piece in a run not getting built.

    Let's hope we get sensors and switches and other goodies so people can make circuits like you can in Infinifactory and other games.

    How do you make a scrapper before getting a scrapper? I can't craft any blocks that I haven't discovered already unless faction rep is maxed and all blocks get flagged as discovered.
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    I think I got my "pre mike" manufacturing parts from drop crates. I kept going for loot missions, which accelerated the unlock process.
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    Hmm, it's campaign restart time anyways. Going through a campaign without doing any of the CM missions at all might be a good challenge.
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    I just mean like this - had to gather the resources to make a Component Factory and then could make a Scrapper ('discovery' by crafting, yo):

    Oh? Colour me intrigued... (Advanced guide preview plx.;))
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    I had absolutely no idea you could craft things you haven't discovered, which means my current lack of silos is a total non-issue. That's--kind of disappointing.

    There's not a ton to it, really. Basically, everything is themed, and each Tier 3 component needs two of a specific Tier 0 component. Gluon Beam = Dervish Gel + Plasma Emitter, and both of those need a heat coil. So you can think of a Gluon Beam as the 'orange' (Ignite) T3 component. Carrying on with the theme, since Gluon Beams are a big component of weapons, it also needs Z4 explosives. Seed AI is based on 'green' (Erudite) and has computer themed components, and Proxima Dark is 'blue' and based on engine-y type components (kind of a stretch to call a Hard Light Drive that, but whatever.)

    Then there's some structure down lower, like 5+1 items needed to make T1 armor components, 4+1 items needed to make the three components used to craft T2 components, and 3+1 items which are used to make T3 components.

    Everything's nicely structured with crafting. Then you get into faction items: Venture likes to use fibron as a component for a lot of items, GC uses Titania, GSO uses plumbia and Hawkeye is a combo of everything, depending on what you're making. Obviously it's different when you get into electronic type items.

    The devs cleverly set some of the recipes so scrapping some of the common lower level items is useful when making other items. Plus some are useful for recovering the resources that have to be manually collected.

    BTW I was wrong about the Venture charger recipe - You just need an Oozee, then a T3 and T1 component. What I was thinking of were those positively lovely Venture cannons that I can't live without. 1 Hailfire + 1 Oozee + Dervish Gel and you have yummy rapid fire goodness on your tech.
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    So basically all you need is that faction's fabricator and a little mining and you can make anything you want. That is disappointing, I hope that option gets removed :/
  18. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    No. stuff still has to be unloicked. But you can make stuff before you can buy it.
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    Look at 11:30 on Zero Gravitas' video. He makes a components factory even though it's clearly not unlocked yet.
  20. layer1

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    Yeah I feel pretty dumb for going through sixteen campaigns and still not realizing that.
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