Building tools are a thing i feel this game desperately needs.


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Jun 26, 2019
After 1400+ hours of gameplay, it's a thought i keep coming back to.

Core functionality
  • Drag repeat - Horizontal, Vertical, Freehand, Mirrored in X/Y/Z, Radial.
  • Copy/Paste of selected area, Repeat paste of selected parts as above.
  • 'Stitching of parts and techs so that you can move a selection X amount of blocks.
  • Build beam mode - max width/height 3D grid in which you can place parts
  • Build beam mode - Additional to above, a build beam mode which pauses the game, and switches you to a white void in which to build
  • Block mounting points should propagate from mouse position to make placement faster
  • A fix of some kind to reduce the endless rotating of blocks to find the right orientation.
  • A fix for blocks placing out of alignment and refusing to sit as placed

  • An option to show centres of mass and rotation
  • An option to show power capacity and drain times
  • An option to show thruster fuel capacity and drain times
  • An option to show block counts, costs, and durability stats
  • An option to show DPS and range of weapons as a group or total

Perhaps all of this could be part of an expanded R&D pack where you can choose to load a building 'void' for advanced construction
  • In which all placed battery blocks are fully charged
  • In which all solar panels are deployed fully and instantly unless toggled / is night
  • In which all repair and shield bubbles deploy instantly when a charged battery is present
  • In which it is always daytime unless toggled


Jul 23, 2018
We're looking at improving some of the functionality of build beam.

This will include some of the points you raised here. It's still early days for that work so I can't confirm exactly what it will look like, just know that at some point it will be improved.
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Feb 28, 2019
Some more:
  • A key/toggle to detach blocks from the tech by just clicking them, without having to drag awya
  • Ignore attachment points behind the camera, to allow working inside a large hollow tech
  • X-ray mode to allow modifying the insides of a tech without dismantling the outside

As for the fix for block rotation, there's two things I'd like to see in particular:
  • Try to match the orientation of adjacent blocks better - if I'm placing a hawkeye fort armor next to another, it's a reasonable guess that I'll want it to slope the same way
  • Separate keys for cycling through actually different orientations and different permutations of the same orientation - keep in mind that many blocks have multiple orientations that are equivalent through symmetry