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Mar 7, 2018
Hey guys,

Welcome to the TerraTech bug reporting forums!

This is the forum where you can report bugs to our QA Team, we'll be monitoring this forum whenever we can and from time to time other devs will pop in if they have anything to add or to ask for any information they need to help fix bugs.

This is not a forum for discussion or feedback, if you wish to discuss TerraTech you are absolutely free to over in our Open forums or other forums of the correct category.

Before Creating a New Bug Report
Please make sure the issue you are having has not already been posted on the forums or isn't answered on our troubleshooting guide and is in the right section. We also have a search function to the top right of the forum, please do make use of it. Please also make sure you are reporting in the correct forum, console reports should always go into the stable forums.

If a bug report already exists with the issue you are having, post on that thread with any additional information you have to add or even just a few words letting us know you're also having the same problem, for example "I'm also having this issue!" or "+1".

If you have multiple issues please make seperate bug reports for each unique issue.

Once you are certain your issue has not previously been reported, go ahead and create a new thread with the [Version Number] in the subject along with the [Platform] and a summary of the issue.

Bug Reporting Template
If you are not sure how to format a bug report, feel free to copy and use our bug reporting template below!

Please be as concise as possible when writing a description and steps to reproduce, screenshots, which can be taken with the F10 key in-game, are very helpful in identifying the problem and should be included where ever possible.

The game version can be found on the TerraTech Splash screen when the game is launched.

If you have any additional files such as screenshots, videos if possible, save games, snapshots, crash dumps or logs, please do attach them to the post or upload them to a third party hosting website for us to look at.

If you are not sure on where the game logs or save game files are located check below!

[Version Number][Platform] - Bug Title


Game version


Game Mode


Steps to reproduce

Additional files
Place any links to any additional files you cannot attach to the post here!

If you are having a crash or a graphical error, also upload a DxDiag, if you are unsure on how to generate one of these please click the link below, it only takes 2 seconds!

Thanks for reporting!
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Mar 7, 2018
Additional information


To obtain a DXDiag:

1. Click on the Start button and select 'Run', if you cannot see 'Run' type it into the window and the application should appear.
2. In the Open: field type in dxdiag and click the OK button.
3. Click Save All Information then upload the saved file for us to view.

Game Logs
To obtain a game log:
For Windows:

In Steam > Library, right-click on TerraTech
Select Properties
Select Local Files tab
Click on Browse Local Files
Find output_log.txt in the TerraTech data folder

Note: If you are playing TT_Unstable beta branch, the path is:


For Mac:

The file should be at ~/Users/YourUserName/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

For Linux:

The file should be at ~/.config/unity3d/Payload/TerraTech/Player.log

Save Games and Snapshots
The general location for Save games and Snapshots are located below

C:\Users\*YOUR USER*\Documents\My Games\TerraTech\Saves\*YOUR PROFILE*

They are then placed in separate folders depending on their type
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