[Bug Report ?] Unstable (and maybe Stable) Gamma Issue

Discussion in 'TT Unstable (Bugs & Feedback)' started by DrShadox, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    Hello , like you can see in this clip :

    The luminosity IG (pretty sure it's only in R&D) is too high , at 100% it's almost full blanc , at 0% it's almost "normal" (i think the actual 0% should give this result with a 50% setting).
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  2. kae


    Looks like this affects all game modes, not just R&D.

    Cheers, got it logged now.
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  3. DrShadox

    DrShadox GeoCorp worker

    Nice , thanks you @kae ^^

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