Border-pass Bug (Unstable MP Creative Co-op)


Jan 7, 2016
North-east America
The border is annoying in Creative MP, but I guess it's world has it's limits when it's still new.
And then there's another limit that just is no fun at all. So I figured out how to break it.

You can go over the border without destroying your entire tech with 2 simple steps:
Step 1: Attach an additional cab on your tech much like your first cab, but make sure that your first cab does not connect parts alone.
Step 2: Go over the border far enough until the first cab explodes.

Now you can explore the entire world, if you'd like! Which is small, and repetitive, but still pretty cool!
Besides the big sign in the middle of your face

It works because when you pass the death-distance, only your primary cab explodes. That's it. You can have as many cabs as you like, but only the first one will explode.

Also murderbug somewhere that should really be a feature.
And also a system to keep people from dissecting one another when angery.

That is all.


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Aug 30, 2015
I was messing around with this with masakari last night. I was flying around in the OoB area, going back and forth to that and the area, sometimes flying under the map and popping through the ground, stuff like that.

Eventually though, my cabs stopped breaking after going into the OoB area, even if it is the only cab left.

He was the host. A decent distance too, Florida to Alaska. Not sure what the latency was.
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Jun 29, 2017
I thought it should have been under unstable bugs & feedback...
There's definitely ambiguity, since all the MP versions have also been "unstable" so far. But I think they are primarily "multiplayer". Also, it's a new forum area, so there's not much precedent to go by (and not many people watch it, probably).