Blocks on the ground disappearing after going off screen

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Bøømik, Apr 21, 2017.


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  1. Bøømik

    Bøømik Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    I've had this issue a few times, still I don't know if it's a bug or it's there so there's less lag, but either way, please fix it because it's REALLY annoying. First, I was a Venture scout going to a Crafty Mike mission and destroyed a pretty big tech (I don't how, but I did it) but I don't usually have my SCU on my scout so I went back to base to grab it (only took about 2 minutes) but when I came back, all the blocks were gone. Then, on a different save, I was a pretty big tech though I didn't have the SCU yet, I got destroyed but the SCU mission was only a few hundred meters away so I decided to go get the SCU and then when I came back to where I got destroyed, all my blocks were gone again (SCU only took like 5 or so minutes). Reply if you're experiencing this bug as well, or if it's an optimization feature. Again, either way, please fix/change.
  2. Adriano

    Adriano PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer QA Lead Canary King

    Hi @Bøømik , this is by design. The rules for block despawning are

    1. Loose blocks are over 200m away from any player techs or bases
    2. The player is not looking at the blocks
    3. 2 mins have elapsed

    If all three rules are followed, then the blocks despawn. This is necessary to stop the world becoming cluttered with too many blocks, resulting in the game suffering performance issues. I'm afraid there are no plans to change this system right now, as anything we do would require a major overhaul of the code.
  3. Bøømik

    Bøømik Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    Can we have the option to turn that on/off? I have a pretty decent computer and the only lag comes from 100 Megaton Cannons firing at a wall.
  4. Adriano

    Adriano PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer QA Lead Canary King

    Well maybe your lack of frame rate problems are down to this functionality ;) In all seriousness, having that as an option is a lot of work that would take away from adding new content whilst not adding much for the majority of players. And we see block accumulation as a challenge for the player. Blocks are the main currency of the game. If they're too easy to acquire, the game is no longer a challenge.
  5. Bøømik

    Bøømik Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    Oh, okay. Also, is the Crafty Mike Auto Miner mission bug fixed? It's one of the only things that actually lags my game and I don't feel like starting a new save until it's fixed.
  6. Adriano

    Adriano PAYLOAD STUDIOS Developer QA Lead Canary King

    Yes, that issue is fixed in the latest Unstable version
  7. Sharra

    Sharra Well-Known Member

    Leaving the blocks all over the world is not a question of your computer. Its related to the engine. It cant handle everything at some point. So the devs have to clean up your mess at some point. So: clean up everything you want to keep, or live with despawn. There is no other way.
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  8. D3matt

    D3matt Member

    I do kind of feel like the cleaning is maybe a little bit too aggressive at times. Perhaps 2 minutes could be extended to 5, 10 or even 30 minutes, under the caveat that if there are too many old parts on the ground then it will start clearing the oldest? Often times even when I'm nearby my base (within line of sight) I can't go grab my SCU before the parts disappear, and trying to carry 3 techs worth of Geotech blocks back with me simply isn't possible.
  9. Sharra

    Sharra Well-Known Member

    Maybe it would be possible to decay in steps. Grade 1 blocks = 2 Minutes (GSO 1-Block for example)
    Grade 2 blocks 4 Minutes, and so on.
    That would reduce the clutter massive, but leaves time for higher grade blocks to gather, like venture or end game weapons.

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