Block rotation


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Jan 8, 2015


These are like toys, and attaching should be tactile. The fact you're actually attaching this to the tech is something we like and want.

I don't mean to be rude but a wall of text doesn't demonstrate.
Lego Worlds has about 10 different button presses to solve the issues of attaching objects in 3D space with a 2 dimensional input system. Lock to XZ, Lock to YX etc.
It's a hard thing to get right. Really.

We might do rotating in the air, heck, we've discussed this internally before and will probably be looking into it at some point.
However, with physical Lego you don't move in a 2D plane you directly move to where you want to place it.
We're using a mouse cursor (with gamepad controls, this works differently because that's a steering device and not a pointer) and can't do this, so what happens when you brush it over places it can go - it doesn't snap, and you're not sure why (This makes it less accessible, and we don't want that do we).

We might also have default orientations, and maybe go back to where it used to show distinct rotations after each other (this was removed to fix a slowdown).

A big thing to think about with control schemes is they can be great in your head but actually fairly meh when implemented. There are a lot of edge cases and a big part of it is feel.

We will be improving this system, but probably a bit down the line.
Hope that clears some stuff up :)

Fair enough.
I'm not sure i agree with everything, but at least i understand you, and can understand your points.

one thing i would like to see, is the first 'option' on the list of rotation options to be whatever the last option was.
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