Block Detachment by Damage

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    1.---I have some problems when choosing the chassis block for my battle tech , venture chassis allows the use of faster wheels , GSO chassis is cheap and reliable , while Hawkeye is robust but will nullify the use of thrusters . Then I have found this spreadsheet and found that anchored blocks have higher health than Hawkeye while retains the mass of GSO.
    2.---However when I went to R&D and done a test on the health thing , it seems that blocks tends to detach after a few hits , anchored GSO detach after receiving the same damage as the normal ones(which is 4 hits from pip gun) same for Venture blocks , while Hawkeye can receive 6 hits with anchor blocks acting as superior 4 blocks.
    3.---That brings a problem as I don't know how detachment works and I'd like to know more about it as it also means that the existence of HP is just for preserving specific type of blocks for salvage post battle , but what I want to know is how to make the ultimate power bunker.
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    1. The chassis doesn't really matter here. If you have venture blocks as your chassis while the top and the rest of the tech you build with HE/GC blocks the tech will still get heavy. If you want to build a faster battle vehicle then you should definitely opt for bigger, faster wheels like the GSO bumper wheels. they are more reliable than venture while speeding you up. ;)

    2. The anchor blocks itself do detach from the ground (unanchored) when taken a few hits from enemies. It's totally normal.

    3. In addition, while controlling a tech whilst anchored; to unanchor press the "unanchor" button on the bottom left corner except when an enemy is nearby. OP bunkers? Make it big use big blocks, spam a lot of heavy weapons (megatons, cruise missiles, etc) and shield/repair bubbles on it. Use big wheels. Ofc don't place your cab right in front or you get instant kill. Place your cab in the centre or at the back instead.

    GL :D
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    Yes, if you are shooting an enemy tech, their blocks detach far easier than player/friendly techs (by design):
    I'm a little confused by this. Do you mean that the 2x2 HE anchor block can be used not as an anchor, but as a GSO 4x1 block with better health? (In certain circumstances.) You don't mean to say "armour" instead of "anchor", right?
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    Thanks for your replies I'll be sure to conduct another test.
    Btw if you don't know what i mean as my OP bunker is the one I use for hunting missions quick and mobile while anchoring itself before battles, those big GC techs are hard to move and requires a tons of expensive hoverplate(the best one is not craftable either) to work with good wheels. It is also harder to spot damage received and traverse the dunes in the desert.
    Take a look at my old pal if you don't know about my awkward need.
    Mortar Supreme.png
    It is the HE 2x2x1 fixed anchor , I thought it was a HE 4 block at my first glance so I thought the others should understand it , it received >30 hits on a single AP before detaching on an enemy tech which is superior to HE 1-block 6 hits and HE 2-block 13 hits (as 4 blocks should result in just a bit more than 28).
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    New results are in! It seems that anchored blocks are a bit more superior other than the fact that they are harder to place (as there is no AP on the underside)

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