Black Hole Tech: a dangerous tool for kingdoms, rules and other stuff about it.


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Nov 2, 2018
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so I revealed a secret about ZTech, which is we have taken advantage of Z-Sector's black hole base for a infinite source of black matter and used it to create a powerful tool. so far, I know other kingdoms have not invested with this technology, but I get the feeling that ZTech may get attacked for the secrets and instructions for making this tech. so I think there needs to be some rules with the basis of this tech(although people may just ignore them and remake the kiwi war again).

Rule 1: It cannot be on overpowered space cruisers. as a bit of a theory I am going to make, the larger the craft, the more dark matter cells, and the more dark matter cells means it will be more and more unstable, and more dangerous to transport it through. although when the ultacell exists, this will be erased, this rule should stand for military vessels until time of war, as having an ultra battlecruiser suddenly coming in and destroying everything and leaving is too overpowered.

Rule 2: Use wisely. Black matter may be an infinite resource, but it is extremely hard to get, even you are Z-Sector and live in a black hole, the source of black matter. so don't waste it all on low tier scouts, as this stuff cannot be reclaimed if it's container is destroyed.

Rule 3: This tech is expensive, so make your own tech for this is the best idea. there will be a new thread soon, as a kind of black market for cells and navigation systems. but they cost a ton to buy. it's better to get the matter yourself, invent the navigation systems and containers, and go,

Rule 4: You cannot spam it. black matter comes more unstable with each wormhole, and needs time to settle into a stable state(this can be minimized with advanced tech), or it will explode.

Rule 5: You cannot simply fly by a black hole and say you collected black matter. this is where having special harvesters come in(ZTech has small drones that can make cells within them, but the full cells need to be replaced with empty ones every time, and they use a scooping mechanism with these cells). you can directly mine the deposits of solidified matter, suck it from floating masses, and scoop it right into cells. the thing about the matter being gone if released only is active outside black holes, but inside, black matter can be released and will not vanish.

Rule 6: you must have a good navigation system. I am not talking about your average space GPS, I'm talking about something that has to be able to show the entire universe(ZTech made sure it saved POI's(Point Of Interest) during testing) and be easy to use.