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Oct 9, 2014
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This is my list of new biomes that I would like to see in the game. They are separated into sections based on what other features need to be implemented in order to facilitate them.
Many of the suggestions also require a way to get a tech unstuck, calling a transporter to come get you and take you home, else they may create undesirable situations. These are marked with an *asterisk.
  1. No new Features needed:
    1. Crystal Desert - A large, dry area of hot terrain, including similar height variation to current deserts and containing a high spawn rate for crystal resources, no trees and Giant Crystal resources and structures.
    2. Glass Desert - A normal windswept desert, but so hot that the sand melted into glass, fractured in the cold night and was eventually ground down the grains of glass. Totally devoid of life, this is as harsh as a desert will ever get.
    3. Forrest - Available on any mixture of height variations, these areas are noteworthy for an enormous number of trees.
    4. Mushroom Forest - Similar to forests, but backed onto an irregular mixture of decaying biomatter.
    5. Rolling Hills - A very regular series of small hills that sweep down into shallow valleys. Ideal for a novice driver or large tech.
    6. Moorland - Steeper, jagged edged hills with rocky peaks and sparse tree coverage. Between Rolling Hills and Mountains.
    7. Tech Graveyard - A rugged region covered in the trapped carcass of long lost techs and failed businesses. These places are rare, providing a plentiful supply of a wide variety of blocks, but are a magnet for other techs and some of the ruined techs may not be entirely inactive.
    8. Rainforest - Very large, densely packed trees and lots of small waterways.
    9. Abandoned Base - A base from the spawn population that has been damaged and is missing sections, with no owner and, possibly, some surrounding features.
    10. Ruined Gauntlet Track - A semi-random series of gauntlet track pieces scattered over a small area to appear like a short section of a once grand race-way.
  2. Terrain Properties (e.g. slipperiness for ice) needed:
    1. Tundra - Cold, forested planes and slight hills, coated in a deep layer of cumbersome snow.
    2. Glacial - Sheets of bitterly cold ice, slippery and barren, they contain very little of anything.
    3. Quicksand Desert - The sand here sucks at your tech's wheels, pulling you down and slowing your progress. Moving too fast can damage your vehicle.
  3. Cliffs needed:
    1. Canyon - A branching biome that is set deep into the ground, bordered on both sides by high cliffs.
    2. Plateau - A very high, flat area surrounded by cliffs and often found in mountainous regions. They are both very defensible and rich in minerals.
    3. Fractal Maze - A large plane, marred only by steep cliffs that extend upwards like walls, often in fractal forms, these areas are rumored to be mazes. No-one knows, or if they do, no-one is sharing what lies at the heart of these places.
    4. Razor Planes* - Similar to the fractal maze in appearance, but the walls are too close to drive between, instead forming a ravaged flooring of irregular rock-faces and sudden pitfalls.
    5. Pitted planes* - Predominantly flat, these regions are known for the deep circular holes that mar its surface. They make driving difficult, as falling into one can be disastrous.
    6. Crater - Some time in the distant past a large asteroid obviously struck here, exposing a wealth of minerals in the steep-sided hollow that it left behind.
  4. Water (Liquids) needed:
    1. Swamp - A light covering of water and deep pools are scattered over this wetland, hidden by the rich tree coverage.
    2. Mushroom Swamp - A light covering of water and deep pools are scattered over this wetland, hidden by the rich mushroom coverage.
    3. Volcano - A giant mountain of fire, it's outer surface clad in obsidian and burning lava-flows. Dangerous, foreboding and incredibly valuable. Lava flows will spawn mineral along their edges and blast chunks of crystal at obscure times.
    4. River* - A flowing body of water of variable depth. Crossing them can sometimes be hazardous, but to the careful mariner, they are roads from the sea.
    5. Lake* - A large body of water, bordered on all sides by land and sometimes containing islands.
    6. Seas* - Truly immense regions of water, deep as the mantle in places, these regions have biomes of their own.
      1. Shore - A shallow, sloped region between land and sea.
      2. Reef - A vibrant and rich menagerie of color, mineral and rock. For the mariner who doesn't care about beauty, these places are a gold mine.
      3. Trenches - Immensely deep ravines beneath the ocean, their treacherous walls are rich in mineral and crystal deposits, for those who dare find them.
      4. Subsurface River - Regions containing strong currents that will drag any unwary tech or debris to the depths.
  5. 3D Terrain needed:
    1. Caves* - Small crevasse in the landscape, these opening can provide safety if being hunted, but can also be a trap for the unwary.
    2. Caverns* - Vast underground spaces filled with a mixture of minerals and crystals. They often link together into networks that run beneath huge sections of the world.
    3. Sky Islands - Floating rocks, held in the sky by immensely strong natural magnetic anomalies. Ideal places for a sky-centric builder.
  6. Procedurally generated Challenges OR the ability to morph in non-procedural sections of terrain needed:
    1. Gauntlet Track - A fully functioning gauntlet track with AI and/or multiplayer competitors, leaderboards and rewards.
    2. Sumo Arena - A Sumo Arena, in which the player may place additional techs as combatants against previous champions and Sumo Population Techs.
When commenting on a specific biome please reference them numerically. For example; Crystal Desert = 1.1

This list may see changes and updates both as I come up with new ideas, new ideas are recommended and as I receive feedback.
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Oct 9, 2014
United Kingdom
I just less like the 3.3 3.4 and 3.5. I don't really understand what they could really add to the game.
Dangerous terrain; a good reason for hybrid or hover vehicles, which should become common after keybindings are added and refined, and a money sink for the careless.
3.3 could also add a sense of mystery or wonder, combined with a meaty loot reward or hidden bosses.

Added Tech Graveyard (1.7) and Crater (3.6).
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May 6, 2016
1.8 Rainforest
Full of big Trees

1.9 abandoned Base
A ground block from Gauntlet with some Base Blocks laying around.

Maybe stick this Thread to the Top?


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Oct 29, 2015
I really like the idea of large trees and rocks that can ONLY be harvested with geo tools.
In my opinion, all rocks and trees should only be harvestable by mining tools in general. I never liked the idea of long-range weapons making any short-ranged mining tools worthless.. which just happens to be all of them. o_O

But the concept of larger structures limited to GeoCorp tools sounds a bit too limited. Perhaps GeoCorp could be the only one that can mine it within a decent time.. (like a dozen seconds or so versus a minute or two)