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Apr 2, 2017
Stalk me not
I'd really like to see some bigger blocks for all the corporations such as bigger wheels, bigger cabs, bigger guns like the Megaton Cannon that doesn't have an absurdly large hitbox, stuff like that. Especially on the bigger wheels part because the Big Boy wheels just don't cut it anymore when I build massive techs. I think they should have more carrying capacity/weight because if you build a monster tech, it's SO SLOW. Also, about the big cabs, I'd like one that's 4x4x4 for building Geocorp techs because it's just annoying to put the GSO cab in the center of the tech and then make the tech an odd width because if you have OCD like me, you can't really put the GSO cab anywhere else on the Geocorp techs without buying more. I'd like the big cab to be a square Geocorp cab with at least AP on the bottom, back, and sides because you can't really use the other Geocorp cabs without exposing them, because if you try to hide them, it looks really weird and it looks like it shouldn't really be there. About the bigger guns, I don't really care what bigger guns there are as long as they don't have an abnormally large hitbox.
Mind the big wall of text that might trigger someone.
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Pink Kitty

You can't necro your own thread. These suggestions are still relevant, just change 4x4 to 2x2.
That's right up there with 'you can't be racist if you're black.'

Necro is necro. Regardless of the OP.
Whether it's a problem is another story.

Well, you got your wish on the big wheels.
And big plates for building roads/bridges/walls were roughed out, but never released.
check community news from episode 2 or so.

However, most of the bigger guns planned do fancy stuff, and will need Unobtanium code support, so they'll be a while.