BF Class D Laser Ray Buff

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May 24, 2016
The Better Future Class D Laser Ray boasts extremely high damage; capable of one-shotting GeoCorp one blocks, and destroying the biggest GeoCorp block yet in a mere 6 hits (though the block usually falls off the target before then). However, the laser ray’s rate of fire and single shot behavior make it pretty lackluster.

So I propose a solution: make it piercing. Make it inflict less damage to each subsequent block it hits until it inflicts 0 damage. Reduce the damage reduction if the block it hits is destroyed.

Here’s a worded example of an algorithm you could code for this pierce effect:
1. Assign a variable currentDamage with the value of the weapon’s damage.
2. When the laser hits a block or shield, inflict damage equal to the value of currentDamage to the block or shield.
3. If the laser had hit a shield, subtract 50% of original damage from currentDamage.
4. Else if the laser had hit a block, if the block is destroyed, subtract 10% of the original damage (the weapon’s damage value) from currentDamage. Else, subtract 20% of the original damage from currentDamage.
5. The laser continues its flight.
6. Repeat 2 through 5 until currentDamage is less than or equal to 0 or the laser hits a non-destructible (i.e. terrain).

A piercing effect would make the Class D Laser Ray a spectacularly powerful weapon and much more desirable for players.
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