Better controller bindings


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Apr 22, 2020
I've played this game for a bit on just mouse and keyboard, and I reached the point where I can make a flying tech. At this point I wanted to use my cloche/joystick/flight stick (as in picture since this thing doesn't seem to really have a proper unique name)
After discovering without too much surprise that this game doesn't support "generic controllers" but only xinput controllers, I set it up via steam (that will treat it as a joypad because that's apparently all that exists) to the best of my possibilites, I discovered that there's no way in game to rebind controller axis to different actions.
"But CachoTognax", I hear you ask, "you can use the tech control scheme configurator in game to do that!" and no that's not what I meant:
When using a joypad it's expected that the right stick is used for camera controls and left stick for movement, and there's no way to rebind that. So my twist axis will always move the camera, same with my throttle axis, and the hat/dpad cant be made the primary control of the camera.

No I can't just swap them in steam setup: throttle/twist are analog axis, the hat is digital(like a d-pad), so I'd lose the whole point of using a controller.
No I can't swap axis in the launcher: in there if I try to rebind one of the joystick axis it won't detect me moving any of them, and seems a bit of a convoluted solution.

What if I open the config of that and manually edit the binding of axis there? Well I'd have to do that blindly, not sure how to even do that and no clue on where that file is either, and it sounds like a way too many hoops for something that could be fixed by having decent controller rebinding options in-game, that I have no idea why they were completely ignored.