Better Bubbles mod


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Jul 1, 2016
So I kinda got sick of shields bubbles being useless against explosions.

All that shields would do is sit there and keep explosive rounds from hitting closer to the shield core. It made little difference, as the explosions would go through anyways. All that shields essentially do is protect you a little bit better at the cost of a massive amount of energy.

So I made a mod to fix that.

Now the shield radius starts at 20, making shields almost twice as big in diameter. Healing bubbles have their range increased as well, making you need less of them to completely cover your craft. They also take the same amount of power to use, so that balances out the larger radius of the repair bubble. Nothing is changed but the radius, meaning that shields can still collapse and fail if taking too much damage, but they now act as they are supposed to; a shield. A protective barrier against explosions. A frontline defense, usable until your power runs out, in which you will have to rely upon physical armor.

Hope you enjoy your massively improved shields!

You can find my mod on the TerraTechModManager, found here:

Special thanks to whitepaw for helping me make this mod


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Apr 22, 2017
Actually devs changed that deliberately.

In 0.6.*.* series of game versions the shields would explode all weapons on the surface of a shield. The blast wave would still hit the tech, but the shells and missiles won't go through the shield like they do now.